#People of Port Huron: Lynn Griffor, dedicated to creating a better community

Port Huron is evolving. Here are the people changing its future: #PeopleofPortHuron

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Lynn Griffor has a gift for giving to the community. As executive director of the McLaren Port Huron Foundation, it is her job to work with donors in the community to support special projects at the hospital. The foundation provides funding for all areas of the hospital, like new technology or cancer assistance. She's proud of how much the cancer assistance program has grown center the Karmanos Instutitue has opened. So far, 60 patients have received more than $50,000 in financial assistance. "We want to be able to take the stress of finance off their backs so they can focus on healing," Griffor says. The St. Clair resident has her hands full as a mom of five teenagers, a member of the East China Board of Education, as well as her work with the Community Foundation and chamber of commerce. Griffor hasn't always been a St. Clair County resident, but she loves everything about the area. "Hands down my favorite thing is the generosity of the community," she says. "I have been completely blown away by the generosity and number of people willing to get behind a cause." When people see something that's not right, they do something about it--together. "They are people of action here. I love that, I have never lived or worked somewhere that's been so collaborative and had such a feeling of team." And when it comes to downtown she's inspired by watching the growth and energy coming from the area. She is looking forward to a time when people don't feel like they have to leave for great restaurants or shows. "When I plan a weekend now, I think about what I can do here, rather than heading out of town." And one of her new favorite places is Moe's Deli, she recently discovered their homemade ice cream and is smitten. She also says the boutique store A Little Something is one of Port Huron's hidden gems. #Port Huron #McLaren #downtown #BlueWaterArea #StClair #EastChina #PeopleofPortHuron

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