#PeopleofPortHuron: Nathaniel Bottenfield, serving happiness one cup at a time

Port Huron is evolving. These are the people shaping its future: #PeopleofPortHuron

Coffee and Nathaniel Bottenfield are a perfect pair. The co-owner of Exquisite Corpse Coffee House in Port Huron says his favorite drink is a good cup of straight black coffee, or espresso. Fortunately for him, he knows the business well, and can brew the perfect start to the morning. With 16 different types of coffee beans to roast, one variety is certain to hit the spot. Overall, coffee is their biggest seller, and customers enjoy being able to come in, select a bean and see it roasted right in front of them. Nathaniel and his wife, Maggie, have been operating the shop for nearly a year now and are ecstatic to be a part of the growing downtown, getting more involved and becoming more invested. "I love the growth," he says of downtown. "It's really cool, a couple of years ago, people were discouraged, but now there's excitement about all the different things happening." Watching his business grow right along with it is icing on the cake. "There are a lot of good people in town that are doing a lot of big things, so it's pretty exciting to be a part of that." Nathaniel says he's teamed up to provide espresso beans and a coffee blend to the Raven Cafe, and supplies coffee to Roasted With Perks in Marine City. He loves being able to partner with other local companies. The coffee shop is seeing some changes, too. The Bottenfields are working hard to make their shop family-friendly with a kid's area and comfortable seating. "We want people to know they are welcome to stay, they don't have to chug their coffee and rush out," he says. Patrons can come in and relax, play a game or two, watch the traffic flow through downtown, read or take care of some business. Now that it's getting cold outside, they will be more events on the calendar like customer favorite, ballroom dancing. Nathaniel also says Exquisite Corpse will be opening an online shop soon, selling coffee and more. When they aren't busy serving a great cup of coffee--or tea--Nathaniel and Maggie like to catch movies at Sperry's, and explore the Hallway Escape. "We try to stay downtown for everything." #coffee #espresso #roasted #exquisitecorpse #downtown #PortHuron #PeopleofPortHuron

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