Mid Michigan College to begin $12M renovation of its Harrison campus

Bigger isn’t always better.

Though it’s rescaling its campus to be 40,000 sq. ft. smaller, Mid Michigan College asserts that its remodeled Harrison campus will be more cost efficient yet also a more effective learning environment for students.

In total, Mid will invest $12 million in renovations. The biggest investment comes in the way of replacing campus HVAC and Air Handling systems, systems characterized as "failing," according to a press release. Investments in the HVAC and Air Handling systems will cost $8.4 million, accounting for 70 percent of the total renovations budget.

Remaining renovations include the creation of a student union, which will include a veteran’s resource center, student life spaces, food pantry, help desk, study areas, a fitness center, and a student lounge. Improvements will be made to the campus grounds, library, and learning labs.

Also new will be a dedicated wing for career-technical students taking classes at the College through the Clare-Gladwin RESD.

"This investment in our Harrison Campus is an investment in our mission--to provide knowledge and abilities that empower learners and transform communities. We’re building a facility that meets the needs of tomorrow’s learners while also honoring the legacy of this incredible campus facility and grounds," says Christine Hammond, Mid Michigan College’s President.

"Mid has always been a careful steward of the investment that our community members make in us, and through this project, we ensure that Mid remains a vibrant community asset for decades to come."

The College states that the renovations will extend the life of the Harrison campus by 20 to 30 years, saving money on operational costs to be reinvested into academic programs, student, and community development.

Renovations, which are still in the development and preparation stages, are expected to be completed by summer 2020.

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