Hazel Park restaurateurs bring notable Chicago coffee roasters to town

Hazel Park is on a roll. Mabel Gray and Cellarman's in 2015. joebar and frame in 2017. Doug’s Delights earlier this year. And, of course the old standbys like Loui’s Pizza, which some consider to be the best pizza-maker in all of metro Detroit.

The latest hubbub to come out of this southern Oakland County ‘burb is the addition of Chicago’s Dark Matter Coffee to joebar. We asked joebar partners Cari Vaugh, Joe Vaughn, and Rebecca LaMalfa what it means to land the respected Chicago roasters.

Q: joebar is bringing Dark Matter Coffee to Hazel Park. How does the Chicago company fit into your vision for joebar and its place in the neighborhood?

A: It’s a simple succession for our neighborhood: An amazing cup of coffee by a remarkable indie brand, Dark Matter Coffee, on a neighborhood corner. joebar has a dog-friendly patio, bike racks and more outside cafe seating to soak up the warm temps as well as city-approved 15-minute parking spots for morning ease.

Dark Matter Coffee at joebar will be brewing our signature espresso drinks and coffees (both hot and iced) as well as light grab and go breakfast options for sit down and take away. Most rousing is the Dark Matter barrel-aged iced coffee on draft, which has been added to joebar's tap lines.

Q: What's exciting about Dark Matter coming to Hazel Park and metro Detroit?

A: Being able to share Dark Matter's Chocolate City Cold Brew with our joebar patrons. It's super crazy good as it isn't cold brewed, but rather extracted with heat. When poured over ice, you taste nutty, fruity, and chocolatey flavors. Our go to: drink it straight from the can or add a splash of cream (or coconut milk, yum) for balance.

Also, being able to buy a bag of Dark Matter's espresso or coffee beans any time of the day. We open are open seven days a week now. The beans are not sold anywhere in Michigan, and we will stock a full retail line of Dark Matter Coffee beans.

Q: Dark Matter joins pop-up restaurant frame as additional features of the joebar experience. Why provide multiple components to your business, rather than a singular concept?

A: We love experience. Coffee adds a morning buzz trifecta to joebar and frame.

Q: Doug's Delights recently opened across the street. Dark Matter is coming soon. What's it like in Hazel Park these days?

A: It's fun! It's diverse. It's casual. There is no pretense. There are no chain stores. There are no meter-maids handing out parking tickets. You can park once and simply hang out. We love Hazel Park.

Q: What's an important lesson learned since first opening joebar in March 2017?

A: To be flexible and listen to what the neighborhood wants. Partnering with Dark Matter adheres to our main philosophy and focus: They are an innovative culinary family fueled by community and passion to deliver the most intellectually honest coffee you will experience. Sustainability and fair business practices are very important to us at joebar. We are beyond honored to widen our family to house Dark Matter Coffee inside joebar.

Please join us and meet the Dark Matter Coffee team on the weekend of June 2nd and 3rd as they will be in town to launch our collaboration and first weekend of brewing.

joebar is located at 23839 John R Rd. in Hazel Park.

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