Start-up update: Ferndale's Logicdrop announces new platform success

Ferndale-based technology startup LogicDrop has announced that its partnership with automotive technology company Novation Analytics has resulted in a groundbreaking new vehicle simulation software platform.

The Ferndale company's Logicdrop Studio is a business rules platform that allows users to customize data analysis. The platform cuts weeks of computing time down to minutes, saving customers money and time while also allowing for a more customizable experience.

Novation Analytics provides physics-based automotive performance and fuel economy simulation technology to automotive makers, who then use that technology to analyze performance and efficiency metrics. Their ENERGY software is used by government agencies for vehicle emissions regulations and validation purposes. Novation recently partnered with Logicdrop to apply Logicdrop Studio to their ENERGY software.

According to Greg Pannone, President of Novation Analytics, the partnership with Logicdrop has given his company a significant edge over its competitors. Pannone says that Novation can now run simulations on thousands of vehicles at once, something that no other company can do. Before its implementation of the Logicdrop software, it would take weeks or months to run simulations on 60,000 vehicles. Now, through their partnership with Logicdrop, Novation can run those same simulations in just three minutes.

"Novation Analytics has taken advantage of every major capability in the Logicdrop Studio platform," KimJohn Quinn, co-founder of Logicdrop, says in a statement. "From incorporating rapidly changing scientific models to executing numerous complex computations on dynamic data, we are transforming a complex, error-prone process into a manageable, streamlined system. We are excited to see where the platform will take the industry next."

It's great news for Logicdrop, a company that Metromode profiled in September 2016. While in September the company was still gearing up for the release of Logicdrop Studio, it's not even a year later and they can already announce a major success.

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