Revival Eatery to open in Waterford this March

A revival is coming to Waterford this March.

Revival Eatery, to be exact. It's a new restaurant concept from Dan Nestorovski, the owner of Pizzeria Dolce in Clarkston. 
Revival Eatery will serve a twist on new American and fusion fare, including hamburgers, hot dogs, and tacos with unusual ingredients and toppings -- though the menu has yet to be finalized. There will also be gluten-free and vegan options.

"It'll be kind of like what you're seeing in downtown Detroit these days, but up here," says Nestorovski. "Not everyone can go down there to eat all the time."

In a town with its fare share of Coney Island restaurants and diners, Nestorovski believes it's the perfect time and place to open a more contemporary restaurant concept. He says the response in the community has already been overwhelming -- and Revival isn't even open yet. Once work started on the building last September, Nestorovski says he's received all sorts of people sending him messages and knocking on the building's doors, asking when the restaurant will open.

The building is an old Big Apple Restaurant -- though people probably won't recognize it inside. Nestorovski has completely gutted the building, replacing the old-fashioned interior with a much more modern aesthetic. He characterizes it as "funky hipster," with its reclaimed wood, metal walls, and bright colors.

Live music, craft beers, and wine will also be part of the Revival Eatery experience.

Nestorovski first opened Pizzeria Dolce nearly six years ago, though he's been in the restaurant business much longer than that, including having owned a Little Caesars Pizzeria store. He sees Revival Eatery as a new start.

"The name means a couple of things," says Nestorovski. "I'm reviving an old restaurant but also my life. I've been in the pizza business a long time. It's time to do something different."

Nestorovski will hire about 30 new employees to staff the restaurant. Applications are currently accepted online.

Revival Eatery is located at 4750 W. Walton Blvd. in Waterford.

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