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Tata Technologies invests in STEM education in Metro Detroit

Tata Technologies is making a significant investment in local STEM education, and it’s not hard to see why after looking at the company’s recent hiring spree.

The Novi-based firm has hired dozens of people over the last year, expanding its staff to 450 people in Metro Detroit. It employs 650 people in the U.S. with a vast majority of them based in Metro Detroit. The company currently has several dozen open positions in Auburn Hills and Novi right now.

"We are currently adding almost a hundred people a year," says Warren Harris, CEO & managing director of Tata Technologies.

And those are mostly engineering positions. Tata Technologies (its parent company is based out of India) specializes in engineering and product development IT services for the manufacturing sector. It employs thousands of people around the world, and choose to set up shop in Metro Detroit in part because of the deep engineering talent pool here.

Which is part of the reason why Tata Technologies recently made a large donation to enrich STEM education in Detroit Public Schools. Tata Technologies, along with the Detroit Lions and the nonprofit group Athletes for Charity, are working to provide more opportunities for Detroit Public School students to learn more in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) subjects. The STEM Youth Literacy Program will take place at Clark Preparatory Academy and Dixon Educational Learning Academy.

The donation is part of Tata Technologies's goal of improving STEM education around the world, and to help build up its future engineering talent pool.

"One of the commitments we are making is to build up our engineering talent not only here but around the world," Harris says.

Source: Warren Harris, CEO & managing director of Tata Technologies
Writer: Jon Zemke

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Danlaw adds 30 engineering jobs in Novi

Danlaw has enjoyed a healthy sales increase since the end of the Great Recession, including a significant spike over the last year.

The Novi-based firm specializes in automotive-embedded electronics for network communications, infotainment, and telematics. Much of its recent growth has come from connected-vehicle technology work, which enables a car to communicate to other electronic devices around it.

"It has grown a lot in the last few months," says Tom Rzeznik, president of Danlaw. "Our connected-vehicle division has propelled our growth over the last five years."

That equates to an 80-percent revenue increase for the 30-year-old company between 2012 and 2013. It has hired 30 people in Metro Detroit over the last year, with a vast majority of those new hires being engineers. The firm now employs 150 people in the U.S. and 250 abroad in China and India.

Rzeznik says the company is on pace to do similar numbers in the 2013 to 2014 year, which is why it continues to hire.

"We're looking at significant growth this year as well," Rzeznik says.

Source: Tom Rzeznik, president of Danlaw
Writer: Jon Zemke

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Core3 Solutions adds 7 employees, looks to hire 5 more

Core3 Solutions is starting to find its fingers in a few more pies this year, but the digital marketing/IT company is accomplishing this by sticking to its knitting.

"We stick to our core focus," says Paul Chambers, CEO of Core3 Solutions. "There is digital marketing and managed IT. We stick to those two areas."

The Troy-based company recently announced a partnership with the Metro Detroit-based Custom Sock Shop to launch Random Socks, a sock-delivery service. Random Socks will ship random selected pairs of socks to its subscribers each month. The new venture prides itself on the randomness and affordability of the monthly service.

Core3 Solutions became a part of Random Socks by exchanging part of the cost of its services for a stake in the new venture. So the firm's focus on digital marketing and managed IT remains the same, but has led it to some new business opportunities.

"Our client base has continued to expand," Chambers says. "It's why we have added staff."

The 17-year-old business is also rebranding itself in a way. It has rebranded its IT division as Detroit IT and is gearing up to rebrand its digital marketing division. The company has hired seven people in the last year, including new positions in digital marketing and IT. It is also looking to hire another five people now. Its staff currently stands at 15 employees and an intern.

Source: Paul Chambers, CEO of Core3 Solutions
Writer: Jon Zemke

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Orion Test Systems hires 6 as it expands globally

Orion Test Systems crossed a major milestone in the last year. The 10-year-old automotive testing company watched its revenue spike 25 percent over the last year, hitting a new plateau.

"We went from $8 million to $10 million," says Bob Rogers, account manager for Orion Test Systems.

The Auburn Hills-based company specializes in advanced engineering services. Specifically, it does life test and end-of-line test systems for electronic and mechatronic devices for customers in a wide range of industries, but a majority of its work is in the automotive sector.

Driving a large part of Orion Test Systems's new growth is its global expansion, finding new clients in Europe and Asia. The company now has 75 employees, 15 of which are based abroad. The firm has also hired six people for its executive team and also for account management, design, and electrical engineering. It also has a couple of job openings now.

"We're going to continue to grow this business," Rogers says. "We want to become a global leader in test equipment."

Source: Bob Rogers, account manager for Orion Test Systems
Writer: Jon Zemke

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New executive team positions Tegrit for growth in IT, software

There is a new leadership team in charge of Tegrit, and the company has its eyes set on some significant growth.

The Livonia-based firm had made a name for itself in software, specifically from software/IT services for the pension industry. Some of its marquee clients include the Municipal Employees Retirement System of Michigan, and the pension fund for Fresno County in California.

"We built ourselves up from $8 million from almost exclusively pension software," says Jeff Adair, COO of Tegrit.

Adair is part of a new trio of executives that has taken the reigns of the company this summer. He and Christian Curtis (the CTO) have worked at Tegrit for several years in leadership positions. They helped bring in Timothy McClure as the new CEO. He comes in with 10 new hires over the last year, all in IT positions. The firm now has a staff of 50 employees and four interns.

The new leadership team is aiming to grow the company's current tech focus. The firm is looking to expand its focus to other IT and software sectors to help diversify its customer base and grow its bottom line.

"We're looking to get a beachhead in new markets," Adair says. "Our objective is to become known as more than just pension software."

Source: Jeff Adair, COO of Tegrit
Writer: Jon Zemke

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State Champs Sports Network adds 12 new hires

State Champs Sports Network has come a long way in its first 10 years.

The Southfield-based company got its start when Lou Bitonti was working at Chrysler managing the Jeep brand. Shortly after he left he started the high-school sports-centric broadcast company as a way to highlight Michigan’s emerging highlights.

"I wanted a show that focuses on all of the sports," Bitonti says. "The kid that runs cross country or does swimming does as much as the kids that play football or basketball."

State Champs Sports Network broadcasts local sports and feature TV shows, series, programming, and radio shows. Among its offerings are the State Champs! High School Sports Show, a weekly, half-hour TV program providing a comprehensive look at the athletic events, lives and accomplishments of Michigan’s high school athletes.

Starting last month, State Champs Sports Network launched a radio program, called High School Football Report, that airs weekly on CBS Detroit’s WXYT-AM 1270 from 9 to 11 a.m. each Saturday. The company also expanded its audience when its four-time Emmy-award-winning High School Sports Show! began airing on FOX Sports Detroit each Sunday from 9 to 9:30 a.m. It is also debuting a new television program called Extra Point Football Show! on WXYZ-TV Channel 7. It will air weekly each Sunday during the area’s high school football season for 10 weeks.

"We just started growing and we have a lot of shows," Bitonti says.

All of this new programing has prompted a hiring spree at State Champs Sports Network. The company has hired a dozen people over the last year. It now has 14 full-time employees and another 15-20 independent contractors.

"We're spreading the word out there," Bitonti says. "We're trying to keep this on a positive note. There are a lot of positive things happening in Michigan."

Source: Lou Bitonti, founder of State Champs Sports Network
Writer: Jon Zemke

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Munetrix hits triple-digit growth as software distribution spreads

Munetrix is starting to hit some significant numbers when it comes to revenue.

The Auburn Hills-based firm, a client of the Macomb-OU INCubator, is running at 170-percent annual compound growth. That bump in sales comes from the 4-year-old firm's expansion of its municipal transparency software platform. It went from selling it just in Michigan to expanding into Pennsylvania and Florida. Munetrix plans to be in a dozen states by the end of next year.

"Now it's a matter of delivering and executing," says Bob Kittle, president & CEO of Munetrix.

Munetrix's software platform makes local municipalities more transparent and information from them more accessible. The platform incorporates social media, web-based financial tools and database management.

Munetrix hired one new person earlier this year, expanding its staff to four people, and is in the process of hiring another one. It also received $34,000 in seed capital from the state of Michigan's Business Accelerator Fund earlier this summer. The funding will help Munetrix conduct a brand and market analysis, develop an intellectual property plan and create a detailed, investor-focused presentation to support company goals.

"It's for help taking the company to the next level and to create jobs," Kittle says.

Source: Bob Kittle, president & CEO of Munetrix
Writer: Jon Zemke

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C-Net Systems leverages new IT work to create more jobs

Each year C-NET Systems hires a handful of people to keep up with its double-digit growth. It's a trend that has persisted for the Shelby Township-based IT firm for the last five years.

"We have been in a pretty good growth pattern for the last five years," says Nick Tobin, owner of C-NET Systems.

The firm has experienced 15-20-percent growth in each of those years. That has allowed it to hire two or three people each year, expanding its staff to a baker’s dozen today. Two hires (on-site service technicians) were made over the last three months.

"We're looking to hire three more people by the end of the year," Tobin says.

C-NET Systems specializes in providing IT services for small businesses in Metro Detroit. Some of its current clients include Energy Steel in Lapeer, Financial Architects in Farmington Hills, and AZA in Troy. Tobin plans to go after more medium-size and large clients this year as the company continues to grow.

"We have more than enough business to keep hiring people," Tobin says.

Source: Nick Tobin, owner of C-NET Systems
Writer: Jon Zemke

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SA+A Architects takes on more design work, expands client base

SA+A Architects, which is short for Stephen Auger + Associates Architects, worked its way through the lean times of the Great Recession and is now starting to reap the benefits of the recovery.

The Lake Orion-based architecture firm has hired two people over the last few weeks, including a project architect and an industrial designer. The 19-year-old company has a staff of a dozen employees and two summer interns handling a growing amount of work.

"We landed some big projects," says Steve Auger, president of SA+A Architects. "We struggled through the downturn like everyone else. We had some nice projects on the bench, and a couple of those came alive."

A lot of the new work is coming from faith-based organizations, specifically churches. SA+A Architects projects include an expansion of the Clarkston United Methodist Church and the building of a new mega church in Cincinnati called Rivers Crossing Community Church.

"That's converting a movie theater to a 1,500-seat church," Auger says.

SA+A Architects also got the green light from Oakland County to serve as one of its preferred contractors for architecture work. The approval puts the firm on the short list for architecture firms to do work on designing schools and other government buildings.

"We just won a blanket contract with Oakland County," Auger says. "We want to do some more government work. We want to be more diversified."

Source: Steve Auger, president of SA+A Architects
Writer: Jon Zemke

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Moncur branding agency opens new offices in Miami, Austin

Moncur is rebranding and expanding its presence across the U.S.

The Southfield-based branding agency has been known as Moncur Associates for its 22 years until it dropped the latter part of its name this month. Moncur is also opening satellite offices in Miami and Austin.

"There is a lot of stability that comes with geographic expansion and a lot of growth opportunity," says David Moncur, principal of Moncur. "By my estimation Austin is the next Silicon Valley."

Moncur handles the digital and social media branding for the likes of Lear, Layne, Discovery Channel, the University of Michigan, Art Van, and the Detroit Institute of Arts. It’s revenue is up 50 percent over the last year and the company is on track to do it again.

The company has hired six people over the last year, primarily in creative and technical positions. Moncur currently has a staff of 27 employees and one intern. It also has four open positions for technical and creative staffers, including a director of digital marketing.

Moncur is looking to keep going by focusing on customers in the Metro Detroit, Miami and Austin markets over the next year. However, Moncur expects most of the growth to take place at its Southfield headquarters.

"That has never happened to us in our company’s history," Moncur says. "It's an exciting ride."

Source: David Moncur, principal of Moncur
Writer: Jon Zemke

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401K GPS brings retirement planning services online

401K GPS, an online retirement planning service, received its first outside investment this summer when it landed five figures' worth of seed capital from the state of Michigan.

The Brighton-based tech startup landed $27,000 from the state's Business Accelerator Fund with the help of the Macomb-OU INCubator. That cash will go toward the company’s marketing efforts, building a new website, and licensing its technology.

"It was a pretty big deal for us," says John Eaton, general manager of 401K GPS. "It was the first time we got any external money. We were entirely self-funded before then."

401K GPS sells a software platform that helps take the guesswork out of managing retirement plan investments. It got its start as a service so consumers could manage their own 401Ks.

"It is a technology solution to an advisory problem," Eaton says.

401K GPS and its team of two employees and two interns changed up its business model earlier this year. It went from a consumer-facing platform to one that could be leveraged by financial advisors. The move allowed the startup to double its revenue.

"That was a significant change in the business model," Eaton says. "We went where there was no  competition."

Source: John Eaton, general manager of 401K GPS
Writer: Jon Zemke

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Creative Breakthroughs hires 23, looks for new office

Creative Breakthroughs is in the process of helping to fill a number of jobs lately. The Troy-based IT risk management company has hired a couple of dozen people over the last year and is looking to fill another few dozen at a job fair early next month.

"We built a foundation for rapid growth," says Patrick Boyd, executive vice president of marketing for Creative Breakthroughs. "We are investing in systems and business relationships with our partners and expanding our base of partners."

The 23-year-old company has hired 23 people for IT positions in consulting, engineering and sales. it currently has a staff of 75 employees and a couple of summer interns. That growth has prompted the company to add temporary space and begin looking for a bigger home in Metro Detroit.

"We need more space," Boyd says.

Creative Breakthroughs will also host a career fair at its Troy headquarters (2075 W Big Beaver Road, Suite 700) on Sept. 3 between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. The company is looking to fill about 20 positions. It expects to eliminate the process of submitting a resume and hoping for an interview by meeting with each potential candidate and giving them an objective assessment on where their career can go.

"We plan to spend some time with everybody," Boyd says.

Source: Patrick Boyd, executive vice president of marketing for Creative Breakthroughs
Writer: Jon Zemke

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RBD Creative moves to larger office in Plymouth

For RBD Creative’s first seven years, it called the carriage house of one of Detroit's oldest structures home. Today the company has matured to a traditional office in a new home in the suburbs.

The marketing company made the move to Plymouth in March. The new home puts it closer to core clients, such as the University of Michigan and Genesis Genetics, which is also based in Plymouth.

"That's part of the reason we moved to Plymouth," says Dorothy Twinney, president & owner of RBD Creative.

Also necessitating the move is RBD Creative's growth making it into a different and bigger company. When it launched it had three people. Today it has a staff of a dozen employees and the occasional intern after making two hires over the last year. The new office in Plymouth is much bigger, measuring out to 2,000 square feet. It also has a conference room.

"Now we have a much bigger conference area," Twinney says.

RBD Creative is looking to add more clients in the food and academic sectors both this year and next.

"For whatever reason these two areas seem to be our thing," Twinney says.

Source: Dorothy Twinney, president & owner of RBD Creative
Writer: Jon Zemke

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Incite Informatics adds 5 jobs as revenue spikes

Culture isn't just a catchphrase for Incite Informatics. It's something worth hiring people for.

The Farmington-based company, formerly Performant Systems Group, has all the requisites for a new tech firm, like an office full of smart young people working in comfortable jobs and periodically playing ping pong to boost productivity. It even hired a culture curator to help sharpen the company’s culture.

"Culture has always been important to us," says Matt Griffin, president & CEO of Incite Informatics. "We have always hired young people. People who have different expectations about what the workplace looks like and acts like."

Griffin and Craig Jackson launched the company four years ago, specializing in business analysis, analytics tools, data management and data visualization. They rebranded it earlier this month to better reflect the company's ability to organize, visualize, and mobilize their clients' data, giving them better visibility into operations so they can make better decisions.

"We grew up building solutions for large companies like KFC and Ingersoll-Rand," Griffin says. "But we're also working with a number of small companies."

Incite Informatics opened a new office in Seattle earlier this year. It has hired five people over the last year and is looking to bring on another three. It currently has a staff 21 employees and two interns. Its revenue spiked over the last year, going from $1.8 million to $4.8 million.

"It's a healthy jump," Griffin says. "I don't know how sustainable it is year to year but we're definitely in growth mode."

Source: Matt Griffin, president & CEO of Incite Informatics
Writer: Jon Zemke

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TrynEx expands staff with 12 hires in Madison Heights

TrynEx has some humble beginnings. The Madison Heights-based firm got its start in 1977 as a lawn care and snow removal company. It evolved into making lawn care and snow removal equipment in the mid 1990s before it was acquired by Douglas Dynamics last year.

That acquisition doesn’t mean the company stopped investing in Michigan. Since becoming a division of Douglas Dynamics the company has hired staff and improved its facility in Madison Heights.

"The strength of a bigger company helps," says Barry Truan, vice president of marketing & development for TrynEx. "We have more bench strength and ability."

TrynEx has a number of brands in the snow removal (SnowEx), landscaping (TrufEx), and janitorial (SweepEx) equipment areas. It has hired a dozen people over the last year for engineering and production positions, expanding its staff to just more than 50 employees and a couple of interns. It is also looking to hire a salesperson.

TrynEx has also invested in improving its facility in Madison Heights. It turned one of its spare spaces into more work space for its growing staff and a new training center.

"That's where we’re hosting the Salt Summit event next week," Truan says.

The company’s revenue has been propelled by the release of new products and the harsh winter the country just went through. This year is also looking up.

"2013 to 2014 has seen pretty substantial growth as well," Truan says.

Source: Barry Truan, vice president of marketing & development for TrynEx
Writer: Jon Zemke

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