MEDC announces new jobs and investment for Auburn Hills and Farmington Hills

Two Oakland County communities stand to directly benefit from business expansion projects supported by the Michigan Strategic Fund, resulting in more than 100 jobs created and tens of millions of dollars of investment.

"These projects represent a variety of industries, and demonstrate the work we are doing to diversify our state’s economy," Jeff Mason, CEO of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, said in a release.

Esys Automation has announced that it is building its headquarters facility in the City of Auburn Hills, choosing the city over a competing site in South Carolina. As a result of its commitment to Michigan, Esys is receiving an $832,000 Michigan Business Development Program performance-based grant.

Also wooing the company was the City of Auburn Hills, which offered the project a four-year property tax abatement. According to Auburn Hills Mayor Keven McDaniel, the decision by Esys to locate its headquarters in the city is a flattering one, and one that endorses the city's business community as a whole.

In total, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation expects the Esys Automation headquarters project to create 104 jobs and generate $15.8 million in total capital investment.

Esys Automation, a full-service provider of turnkey automation systems, will combine three existing facilities under one roof at its new Auburn Hills headquarters.

Also making news is Orchid Orthopedic Solutions, the Delhi Township-headquartered company that is planning to expand production at a Farmington Hills location, as well as locations in Bridgeport Township, Delhi Township, and Lima Township.

The contract manufacturer of medical devices and implants is receiving a $472,500 Michigan Business Development Program performance-based grant for the decision. The MEDC expects Orchid's expansions in Michigan to generate a total capital investment of $27.4 million and create 135 jobs.

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