Autoliv creating 384 jobs over 5 years

The auto-safety manufacturer Autoliv is consolidating its operations in Southfield into one facility and is expecting to create 384 jobs over five years boosted by a $2.6 million grant approved by the Michigan Strategic Fund.

"It was a cost-saving move to consolidate all four of our electronics-based employees under one roof for our employees to better collaborate and efficiently serve our customers," the company tells Metromode.

In October, the company broke ground for its 180,000-square-foot Electronics Technical Center. Construction is expected to be completed in the first half of 2019.

Jonna Construction, Harley Ellis Devereaux, and Signature Associates have all been tapped with work on the new facility. Autoliv's hiring plans will mainly be in engineering, research, design, and development in sensor and radar technology, brake systems, and camera technology, according to the company.

Autoliv is a leading automotive safety supplier of airbags, seat belts, steering wheels, and more. With autonomous driving the engine for the future of mobility, the company says Autoliv is "fortunate to be among the leading companies providing technology to help save more lives."

"We are unique in that our products must work as designed because they have only one change to get it right," the company tells Metromode. "From airbags, seat belts, steering wheels, to night vision, radar, stereo vision cameras, safety is our business, and we trust that our customers and the end costumers will rely on us to keep them safe on the journey. "

Also, Autoliv's Auburn Hills Technology Center is undergoing what the company describes as a "refresh" over the next year and a half. Among the upgrades include workspaces, cafeteria, and conference rooms. Progress is underway on an estimated $1 million expansion, according to the City of Auburn Hills. The additional 124 spaces will bring the total number of parking spaces to 589, according to the city.

Autoliv has 70,000 employees across 80 facilities in 27 countries.

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