Ann Arbor's Bombay Grocers will soon relocate, get bigger

Mukesh Patel and his wife have owned and operated Ann Arbor's Bombay Grocers for ten years. And they're ready to move.

But don't fret. They're not leaving, they're just moving. Their business has grown in the last year and they have, in turn, outgrown their building.

So, they're building a new one on a vacant spot of land at 3070 Packard Road, just up the street from their current location, 3022 Packard Road.

"It's two times bigger than this place," Patel said. "We need a bigger space, we're growing."

Their new home will be somewhere in the area of 5,000 square-feet and is expected to cost about $500,000.

Source: Mukesh Patel, co-owner of Bombay Grocers

Writer: Terry Parris, Jr.

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