Pavillions of Troy breaking ground in former Kmart HQ

Urbanism has never been a word associated with Troy but in the coming years that just might change. The city known for its sprawl will break ground this summer on the Pavilions of Troy – a mixed-use development that brings an urban feel to a sprawling city.

The Pavilions, going up at the old Kmart headquarters on Big Beaver Road, will have a little of everything. Well, more like a lot of everything.

It will boast 500,000-square-feet of retail space, 300,000-square-feet of office space, a 250-key hotel, 750 residential units that will include both loft space and townhouses, as well as a 3000-seat theater, grocery stores, restaurants, and – in the winter – a public ice skating rink. Talk about living, working, and playing all in the same place. You really can't get much more mixed-use than that.

An additional bonus is the scope of the development's interested parties.

"There is a lot of healthy interest from retailers not currently in the state, and that's good," says Brian Murphy, assistant city manager of Troy.

The $300 million development will also bring in about 350 construction jobs that will carry over through the years of construction and, when it's all said and done, about 500 new jobs in the completed Pavilions area.

"From a retail point of view," Murphy says, "the Pavilions will bring in a lot of money for Troy – it would be safe to say about $5 million a year in revenue."

Source: Brain Murphy, Assistant City Manager of Troy
Writer: Terry Parris, Jr.

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