GREEN SPACE: It's getting to be a lot like tree planting season

Sure, it's still cold out but there's a faint whiff of spring in the air, isn't there?

With that in mind, this episode of Green Space looks ahead to the upcoming tree planting season.

The City of Detroit might not be the first municipality you think of when it comes to trees, but that is changing. The forestry division, which is part of the general services department, is growing its outlook to include replanting the city -- they'd been stuck in a rut for years of removing dead and diseased trees but not planting them.

[Ed. note: Kind of understandable considering the huge number of ash trees infested with borers.]

But now, a three year partnership with the Greening of Detroit is bearing fruit -- more than 1,000 trees will be planted this spring. The plantings are targeted in communities that have block clubs or community development organizations, as volunteers are needed the day the trees are planted and the trees need water their first two seasons.

The partnership works thusly: The city provides funds for the plant materials and Greening, with its two decades of resources at the table, organizes the manpower. It's like the perfect marriage.

The first tree planting of the year will take place on March 28 in partnership with Greening and Grandmont Rosedale Development Corp. Student volunteers from the University of Michigan's Detroit Partnership will be lending their shovels to the project as well.

To volunteer for this or one of the many, many plantings planned for Detroit, contact Anthony Todd at 313 237 8733, ext. 239 or e-mail him at

If you are not in Detroit but are still interested in tree plantings, check out Global ReLeaf of Michigan located in Ann Arbor. They can help your organization or business set up a planting and assist with the logistics. They are also having a deal of a tree sale, with evergreens starting at just $18 and deciduous trees at $30. Check it out here.

Consider this message a formal notice that winter does indeed end.

Source: Todd Mistor, City of Detroit Forestry Division
Writer: Kelli B. Kavanaugh
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