North American Bancard goes mobile with PayAnywhere

North American Bancard enjoyed quadruple-digit growth in the last year and the Troy-based electronic payment processing firm attributes much of the expansion to PayAnywhere, its mobile payment arm.

"It's a huge initiative for our company," sys Marc Gardner, president & CEO of North American Bancard. "It's growing in a very accelerated fashion."

Fast enough that North American Bancard has hired 130 people over the last year, many of them in the PayAnywhere division. Gardner says his firm is hiring mobile software engineers and professionals as fast as they can find them, adding if 20 of those sorts of techies were laid-off tomorrow from another employer his company would hire all of them.

"We are constantly looking for mobile platform engineers," Gardner says.

PayAnywhere offers mobile point of sale solutions. It recently launch its nationwide retail channel for some of the country's biggest corporations such as Wal-Mart, OfficeMax, Sam’s Club and The Home Depot. Gardner sees a tremendous room for growth in mobile payments as smaller businesses look to harness the technology, even service-based businesses like landscaping and car-repair firms, make the switch from checks to mobile payments to accelerate their cash flow.

"They don't want to wait for the check in the mail," Gardner says. "They want to be paid now."

Source: Marc Gardner, president & CEO of North American Bancard
Writer: Jon Zemke

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