Street Boss movie brings Detroit to Hollywood, returns with jobs

Detroit exports range from cars to sports stars to crime novels. Add crime movies to the list, with the soon-to-be released movie Street Boss.

The film is centered around reputed Detroit mafia kingpin Anthony "Tony Jack" Giacalone, an alleged gangster rumored to be in on the Hoffa disappearance. The film is an adaptation of former-FBI-agent-turned-author Phil Kerby‚Äôs book of Giacalone and takes place in Saginaw.

Bierlein Entertainment shot the movie in 23 days on location in Saginaw, employing a crew ranging between 55-60 people. The shot included well-known Hollywood actors, such as Nick Turturro of "NYPD Blue" and Vincent Pastore of the "Sopranos."

"They were impressed we could do the movie in Michigan," says Lance Kawas, director of Street Boss.

The movie is currently being sold and is expected to be released later this year. Bierlein Entertainment is also planning to shoot two more movies in Michigan soon. They include the mystery Restitution and drama John Smith.

"We hope to start shooting this year and next," Kawas says.

Source: Lance Kawas, director of Street Boss
Writer: Jon Zemke
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