About Us

Rural Innovation eXchange (RIX) focuses on the innovation, talent, entrepreneurship, social innovation and community development taking place in rural Michigan and features the work of rural talent and content creators. 
RIX cares about what’s next for rural places in Michigan. Each week we will feature content highlighting innovative entrepreneurs, talented people, dedicated organizations, and devoted community-builders. Additionally, RIX will lift up innovative people leading impactful work in Michigan to help strengthen the work of people in rural areas and foster a deeper sense of connection.  

Issue Media Group is honored to partner in this effort with Connected Nation Michigan, Michigan State Housing Development Authority, MSU Extension, Michigan Center for Rural Health, Michigan Health Endowment Fund, Michigan Municipal League, Council of Michigan Foundations, Michigan Downtown Association and Michigan Fitness Foundation. 

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About Managing Editor Greg Tasker 
Greg Tasker is a journalist based in Traverse City. He was formerly managing editor of Cadillac Magazine and served as an editor in the business and features departments at The Detroit News. Greg has been recognized by the Society of Professional Journalists and his work has been published in various media including BBC Travel, Michigan Blue, Parade, and Model D. 

About Issue Media Group
Rural Innovation eXchange is published by Issue Media Group. Incorporated in 2005 in Detroit, IMG publishes weekly digital magazines leveraging the power of solutions-based and narrative journalism. Our publications aim to connect readers to their city’s most visionary and active people, businesses, and organizations – increasing the openness, aesthetics, and social offerings of communities.

About The Inspiration for Rural Innovation eXchange Logo: 
Secret Sky Barn, HumeTownship, Michigan, Artist: Catie Newell.
Reworking the iconic structure of the existing barn, Secret Sky Barn allows the sky to enter and permeate the building. By day, the visitor sees the patterning and intricacy of the barn walls, juxtaposed with a massive cut that lets the daylight pour through. At night, the work glows from within, acting as a large-scale lantern in the landscape and casting long shadows across its surroundings, giving light and dark back to the sky.