Feature Story Mumford Prize List

Meet the top three nominees for this year’s Mumford Prize for GoodFeaturing Kim West, Phil Maxwell, and Jim Holton

An annual accolade which celebrates community members who are “doing good” in central Michigan communities is “The Good Prize.” From restaurateur Jim Holton's quiet benevolence to teacher Phil Maxwell's impactful classroom initiatives, and advocate Kim West's dedication to supporting families, each of the “Top 3” nominees for this year’s selection exemplify selflessness and community spirit. Through their stories, witness the transformative power of individuals making an extraordinary difference.

Longform Robert Sheehan  and colleague, Valerie Jamerson, take a look at the new Tool Kit.

Social Work Career Promotion Tool Kit shares benefits and pathways to rewarding careers

The toolkit is designed to enhance recruitment and promote social work career opportunities across the state. It includes sample language for websites, emails, and social media posts as well as recommended language for various professionals, including high school guidance counselors, college academic advisors, and behavioral health providers. There are also photographic materials for outreach usage.   

In The News United Way List

Community Foundation and United Way host supply drives to support area moms, kids and families

Throughout May in Isabella County, the Mt. Pleasant Area Community Foundation and United Way are partnering for supply collection drives to aid families. The drives gather items such as hygiene products and baby supplies, as well as accept donations. Discover all that’s involved in the difference-making drives.

In The News Red-Dress-List

100 red dresses call attention to the Missing and Murdered Indigenous People Movement

Over 100 red dresses are displayed across Mt. Pleasant, drawing attention to the Missing and Murdered Indigenous People Movement. Hosted at 10 sites, including museums and libraries, the exhibition aims to raise awareness. An event on May 16 at Broadway Park will feature speakers and personal stories. Community organizations, including the Zonta Club of Mt. Pleasant, are supporting the initiative, with plans for future annual events.

In The News Horseshoe List

Spring into action: Your ultimate guide to May events in Isabella County

Discover May’s must-attend events in Isabella County. From Mother’s Day celebrations to community fundraisers, explore a diverse lineup of activities throughout the month. Don’t miss out—click here to plan your May adventures!

Feature Story Eagle Release List

Exploring Isabella Cat Clinic's wildlife rehabilitation efforts

The Isabella Cat Clinic in Mt. Pleasant, known for its feline care services, also operates the Isabella Feline Adoption & Wildlife Center, a non-profit founded by Dr. Catherine Lindstrand over two decades ago. Collaborating with Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources, the clinic rehabilitates various wildlife species, from birds and rabbits to bald eagles and fox kits. With a dedicated staff and donation-based funding, the clinic's efforts exemplify a commitment to wildlife conservation and rehabilitation.

Feature Story Macker-List

Gus Macker kicks off 50th season with tournament at Central Michigan University

Gus Macker Basketball hosted their first Michigan outdoor tournament of the year with 752 players competing at Central Michigan University on April 27 and 28, 2024. This year marks the 50th season of the Gus Macker tournament.

Longform Vibrant Futures

Early Education Community of Practice brings unified message to state focus on early childhood care

The Community of Practice has expanded to 30+ Michigan organizations focused on early childhood. Members have access to a variety of resources and experts and are able to provide solutions and mobilize quickly.  

Partner Content Accommodations can help create a successful visit.

Simple accommodations can eliminate barriers to health care

Because equal and quality access to care is so important, making sure medical practices improve access and accommodations for people with autism is a crucial goal of the Autism Alliance of Michigan (AAoM).

Feature Story Danny-McQuarters-List

Meet Danny McQuarters Jr.: A catalyst for community change

As part of Epicenter’s Emerging Leaders series, dive into the inspiring journey of Danny McQuarters Jr., whose passion for diversity and inclusion drives transformative initiatives—from Club Create to community events—shaping a more cohesive Mt. Pleasant.

Special Report Special report graphic

Special report: How can Michigan fix a guardianship system that fails some kids and older adults?

Guardianship is designed to protect those who can't care for themselves, but it doesn't always work that way. Advocates are pursuing a variety of solutions to improve the system.

Longform Shelby Coolbaugh, administrative assistant for the Michigan Long Term Care Ombudsman Program (MLTCOP), and Salli Pung, state long term care omubdsman for MLTCOP.

Michigan ombudsman program advocates for residents in long-term care facilities

The Michigan Long Term Care Ombudsman Program improves quality of care and quality of life for people living in nursing homes, homes for the aged, and adult foster care homes. 

Feature Story Downtown Clare

Downtown Clare has a new vibe, thanks to a new wave of entrepreneurs

The charming community of Clare is experiencing a resurgence in its historic downtown, thanks to a small group of entrepreneurs with new ideas and a collaborative philosophy.

Longform Dr. Theresa Hastert (right) helped develop the Michigan Community Outreach to Address Financial Toxicity (MI-COST). Ali Fakih (left) is a research assistant with MI-COST, and Cornelius Wilson (center) sits on its Community Advisory Board.

Here's how Michigan organizations are working to reduce cancer treatment's crushing financial burden

In Michigan, several efforts are underway to help cancer patients prepare for, manage, and alleviate the financial struggles associated with treatment.

Feature Story Tim Otteman

Finch Forever collaboration with Detroit City Distillery sells out within a monthThe story behind Tim Otteman’s latest endeavor

Discover the story behind Tim Otteman's latest endeavor connecting CMU’s Recreation, Parks, and Leisure program with Detroit City Distillery. This innovative partnership not only raises funds for students, but exemplifies the power of collaboration, storytelling, and community engagement—where every bottle tells a tale of heritage, connection, and the spirit of giving back.

In The News Solar Eclipse

Community buzz: Isabella County's April adventures & events

Isabella County springs to life with diverse April events, from family friendly activities to community fundraisers. Highlights include Rubble’s 80s Bash, Art Reach’s annual Murder Mystery event, a Solar Eclipse Experience, student showcases, sales, the Shepherd Maple Syrup Festival, Ales for Trails, and more.

Longform Kimberly Singh (right), Michigan Oral Health Coalition board member and chief community and governmental affairs officer for My Community Dental Centers, chats with Dental Assistant Kortney Jones.

Oral health care is inaccessible to many Michiganders. This coalition is working to change that.

The Michigan Oral Health Coalition brings together a multitude of Michigan oral and general health partners to collaborate on improving oral health for all Michiganders, especially those who have barriers to access. 

Feature Story Greek Week List

Greek Week 2024: Bridging campus and community for a greater good

The Mt. Pleasant community is gearing up for Greek Week, a collaborative effort between Central Michigan University (CMU) and United Way, benefiting local nonprofits. This year's focus is on the B#4 Foundation, promoting mental health awareness. With various events such as fundraisers, service activities, and a mock-rock competition, Greek Week aims to raise funds while fostering community engagement.

Longform Teacher helping child at NEST Child Care and Parent Institute in Detroit

خارطة طريق "التعليم ما قبل الابتدائي للجميع" تتخذ منهجًا شاملًا لإطلاق برنامج "التعليم ما قبل الاب

في يناير 2023، أعلنت الحاكمة غريتشن ويتمر عن خطتها "التعليم ما قبل الابتدائي للجميع"، والتي ستوفر الوصول إلى التعليم ما قبل الابتدائي المجاني لجميع الأطفال البالغين من العمر أربع سنوات في ميشيغان بحلول عام 2027. في فبراير 2024، أصدرت دائرة التعليم مدى الحياة، التقدم، والإمكانيات في ميشيغان (MiLEAP) خطة الطريق مع توصيات حول كيف يمكن للولاية تحقيق هذا الهدف. شاركت مجموعة السياسات العادلة، وهي منظمة استشارية تعليمية في واشنطن العاصمة تركز على سياسات الرعاية والتعليم المبكرة، في تأليف خارطة الطريق.

Longform Robin Beasley is the director of Garden of Dreams Preschool inside First Congregational Church.

Tri-Share makes quality child care more affordable for working parents

MI Tri-Share is a first-of-its-kind cost-sharing funding model. The state, the employee, and their employer each chip in for one-third of the price of child care.