Longform Dr. Theresa Hastert (right) helped develop the Michigan Community Outreach to Address Financial Toxicity (MI-COST). Ali Fakih (left) is a research assistant with MI-COST, and Cornelius Wilson (center) sits on its Community Advisory Board.

Here's how Michigan organizations are working to reduce cancer treatment's crushing financial burden

In Michigan, several efforts are underway to help cancer patients prepare for, manage, and alleviate the financial struggles associated with treatment.

Feature Story Tim Otteman

Finch Forever collaboration with Detroit City Distillery sells out within a monthThe story behind Tim Otteman’s latest endeavor

Discover the story behind Tim Otteman's latest endeavor connecting CMU’s Recreation, Parks, and Leisure program with Detroit City Distillery. This innovative partnership not only raises funds for students, but exemplifies the power of collaboration, storytelling, and community engagement—where every bottle tells a tale of heritage, connection, and the spirit of giving back.

In The News Solar Eclipse

Community buzz: Isabella County's April adventures & events

Isabella County springs to life with diverse April events, from family friendly activities to community fundraisers. Highlights include Rubble’s 80s Bash, Art Reach’s annual Murder Mystery event, a Solar Eclipse Experience, student showcases, sales, the Shepherd Maple Syrup Festival, Ales for Trails, and more.

Longform Kimberly Singh (right), Michigan Oral Health Coalition board member and chief community and governmental affairs officer for My Community Dental Centers, chats with Dental Assistant Kortney Jones.

Oral health care is inaccessible to many Michiganders. This coalition is working to change that.

The Michigan Oral Health Coalition brings together a multitude of Michigan oral and general health partners to collaborate on improving oral health for all Michiganders, especially those who have barriers to access. 

Feature Story Greek Week List

Greek Week 2024: Bridging campus and community for a greater good

The Mt. Pleasant community is gearing up for Greek Week, a collaborative effort between Central Michigan University (CMU) and United Way, benefiting local nonprofits. This year's focus is on the B#4 Foundation, promoting mental health awareness. With various events such as fundraisers, service activities, and a mock-rock competition, Greek Week aims to raise funds while fostering community engagement.

Longform Teacher helping child at NEST Child Care and Parent Institute in Detroit

خارطة طريق "التعليم ما قبل الابتدائي للجميع" تتخذ منهجًا شاملًا لإطلاق برنامج "التعليم ما قبل الاب

في يناير 2023، أعلنت الحاكمة غريتشن ويتمر عن خطتها "التعليم ما قبل الابتدائي للجميع"، والتي ستوفر الوصول إلى التعليم ما قبل الابتدائي المجاني لجميع الأطفال البالغين من العمر أربع سنوات في ميشيغان بحلول عام 2027. في فبراير 2024، أصدرت دائرة التعليم مدى الحياة، التقدم، والإمكانيات في ميشيغان (MiLEAP) خطة الطريق مع توصيات حول كيف يمكن للولاية تحقيق هذا الهدف. شاركت مجموعة السياسات العادلة، وهي منظمة استشارية تعليمية في واشنطن العاصمة تركز على سياسات الرعاية والتعليم المبكرة، في تأليف خارطة الطريق.

Longform Robin Beasley is the director of Garden of Dreams Preschool inside First Congregational Church.

Tri-Share makes quality child care more affordable for working parents

MI Tri-Share is a first-of-its-kind cost-sharing funding model. The state, the employee, and their employer each chip in for one-third of the price of child care.

Feature Story Dylan LU List Image

Life Unplugged's grand opening set to redefine retail experience

Life Unplugged, an online apparel retailer promoting responsible technology use and supporting families of children with congenital heart defects, opens its brick-and-mortar store in downtown Mt. Pleasant on April 26. The store offers more than just apparel—it’s a space for community engagement with games, coffee, and a tech-free environment—encouraging customers to unplug and connect.

Longform Teacher helping child at NEST Child Care and Parent Institute in Detroit

PreK For All Roadmap takes a holistic approach to rolling out PreK For All

The Michigan Department of Lifelong Education, Advancement, and Potential (MiLEAP) has released the PreK for All Roadmap plan with recommendations on how the state can achieve universal pre-K for all 4-year-olds in Michigan.

Longform Teacher helping child at NEST Child Care and Parent Institute in Detroit

La Hoja de Ruta de PreK Para Todos adopta un enfoque holístico para el despliegue de PreK Para Todos

En enero de 2023, la gobernadora Gretchen Whitmer anunció su plan PreK para Todos, que proporcionaría acceso a la educación preescolar gratuita a todos los niños de cuatro años de Michigan para 2027. En febrero de 2024, el Michigan Department of Lifelong Education, Advancement, and Potential (MiLEAP) publicó el plan de la Hoja de Ruta con recomendaciones

Feature Story Amber Desgranges and Rachel Ruddock of the Michigan Primary Care Association.

New initiative offers Michigan nursing students opportunity to build careers in underserved areas

The Michigan Primary Care Association is collaborating with nine of Michigan’s state universities to provide nursing students with opportunities to train in Federally Qualified Health Centers and Rural Health Clinics.

Longform Christine Sauvé.

New state law will help ensure health care access for non-English-speaking Michiganders

Michigan's new Statewide Meaningful Language Access Coordination Act will require public services to be more accessible to non-English speakers. 

Feature Story Irish Fest List

49th Annual Clare Irish Festival celebrates heritage and traditions

The 49th Annual Clare Irish Festival captured the hearts and spirits of locals and visitors alike March 13 through 17. Enjoy a photo essay of events that took place on Saturday, March 16 in downtown Clare.

Feature Story Creation Coffee List

Creation Coffee expands presence in Mt. Pleasant: A journey from hobby to entrepreneurship

As Creation Coffee opens a new location on Mission Street in Mt. Pleasant this month, discover the story of two college friends who turned their love for coffee into a thriving enterprise, one roast at a time.

Longform Kelsey Lehman and Autumn Carson

Podcast a "not-so-clinical approach to conversations surrounding all things mental health."

Podcast hosted by three friends covers a range of topics like finding a therapist, tips for loved ones, and misconceptions and stigmas surrounding medications. 

Feature Story Robert Sheehan, executive director of the Community Mental Health Association of Michigan

Proposed licensure changes aim to ease Michigan's social worker shortage

Mental health and social work advocates are pushing for legislative change to shift Michigan's social worker licensing process from a test-based approach to a practice-driven alternative that has proven successful in other states.

In The News SDB List Image

Sleepy Dog Books and local businesses give gift of literature to schools for National Reading Month

In honor of March being National Reading Month, downtown Mt. Pleasant bookstore Sleepy Dog Books is hosting a community-driven fundraiser aimed to provide area students and teachers the gift of literature. 

Feature Story Tech Farming List

Precision farming and technology revolutionizes crop management in mid Michigan

Farmers in mid Michigan are leveraging cutting-edge technology such as auto-steering tractors and precision-planting tools to optimize crop production and mitigate challenges. These advancements not only enhance efficiency and reduce costs, but also empower farmers to make data-informed decisions, ensuring sustainable agricultural practices for the future.

Longform Rendering of Sawmill Lofts in Grayling

Recent Michigan housing legislation incentivizes more housing developments

As part of the Make it in Michigan Strategy, the state of Michigan has new finance tools and opportunities to convert vacant land into housing via the Transformational Brownfield Fund and tax increment funding. The State Land Bank Authority and Michigan Community Capital are working with state, local, and federal organizations to develop attainable workforce housing in their communities.   

Feature Story coty list image

Diane and Richard Fleming receive Mt. Pleasant Chamber “Outstanding Citizens of the Year” award

The Mt. Pleasant Area Chamber of Commerce celebrated members of the Mt. Pleasant community at their annual awards Saturday, March 2. Diane and Richard Fleming were announced as 2023’s Outstanding Citizens of the Year—a special tribute as there have been only four other couples recognized in the 67-year history.