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La recopilación de datos está desempeñando un papel clave en el avance de la equidad en la salud

Un nuevo impulso en la recopilación de datos sobre la atención médica de las personas con discapacidad está poniendo de relieve una disparidad en la equidad de la atención de la salud que a menudo pasa desapercibida para la comunidad médica.

Feature Story Blake’s Orchard and Cider Mill

Dining Destinations: 4 festivities to get your strawberry fix in Metro Detroit this summer

“The festival is more about the people than anything else," Brandy Schmidt, one of the folks behind a delicious strawberry festival that began in a fire hall in Leonard and has grown to involve the whole Addison Township. "We have a very strong community that cares about each other."

Feature Story Oak Park

'A city of yes,' Oak Park celebrates progress with plans for new hub, Juneteenth events

A new social hub, Juneteenth events, and a new fire truck were all revealed at Oak Park's State of the City address. “It is ever more important that we come together as a community to play and celebrate," says Mayor McClellan. "We need to focus on what unites us, not what divides us. That’s what public spaces do for us.”

Feature Story Royal Oak

Summer is Selling Season: Realtors' tips on Metro Detroit's hottest neighborhoods and trends

What can we expect in the real estate market this summer? Metro Detroit realtors weigh in on trends they're seeing, where to look for best value, and what's ahead for home buyers of all ages. 

Development News A recent mobility project installed bike lanes along Plumbrook Road between Utica and 17 Mile roads.

Sterling Heights celebrates installation of city's first bike lanes in pilot program

“We’re thrilled to unveil this new bike lane pilot project on Plumbrook,” says Sterling Heights Mayor Michael Taylor.

Development News “There are only a few places in the country that feature beer, meat, and cheese,” says proprietor and brewer Eli Green. “Astoria New York’s The Bier and Cheese Collective, and Minneapolis’s Waldmann. I am thrilled to add Stumblebum to that list.”

Wanderlust-inspired brewery to celebrate grand opening in Troy with beer, cheese, and tunes

“There are only a few places in the country that feature beer, meat, and cheese,” says proprietor and brewer Eli Green. “Astoria New York’s The Bier and Cheese Collective, and Minneapolis’s Waldmann. I am thrilled to add Stumblebum to that list.”

Longform Detroit Parks Coalition staff and members in 2022.

Stewardship organizations advance equity in Detroit's parks at a grassroots level

Park stewardship organizations help neighborhood residents to advocate for the improvements they want to see in their parks.

Longform Derek Miller, program supervisor for Kalamazoo County’s Healty Babies Healthy Start & 4Dad Fatherhood Program, with Sidni Miller, community health worker, inside Kalamazoo County’s Health and Community Services building.

$5 million in federal funding will help 5 Michigan organizations reduce infant and maternal deaths

Five Michigan organizations will receive federal support of about $1 million each to improve maternal and infant health in the state.

Feature Story This young sapling recently planted in Sterling Heights could reach great heights come 2040.

Sterling Heights' Visioning 2040 plan authorized for ballot proposal this November

“The Visioning 2040 projects are exactly what’s needed to maintain Sterling Heights’ status as a destination for families and businesses seeking a great quality of life,” says City Manager Mark Vanderpool.

Feature Story Renderings for Masons Corner in downtown Farmington.

Farmington succeeds in crowdfunding campaign to build a new park in the heart of downtown

With two days to spare before a Friday, June 7, deadline, Downtown Farmington has not only met their target but surpassed it.

Development News Michigan Central Station

Michigan Central Station: Diana Ross, Jack White, Big Sean, and DSO to lead opening lineup

Streaming live, a sold-out concert on Thursday to celebrate the reopening of Detroit’s Michigan Central Station will be a celebration of talent in Detroit. Here's where to watch it, and when to go visit the restored landmark. 

Longform Lunchtime at Oehrli Elementary School in Montague, Mich.

Michigan's free school meals yield high returns for student health and academic success

Michigan has become one of eight states to make free school meals available to all, creating notable benefits for students' health.

Longform An Everyone in the Pool swimming lesson.

Metroparks aim to raise $2.4 million for swimming equity and classroom science programs

A new initiative called Metroparks and Me will fundraise for a program that offers free swimming lessons and another that provides supplemental science lessons in under-resourced classrooms.

Feature Story The Misty Blues crew.

Open house and air show at Selfridge to highlight aerospace and defense in Macomb County

In Macomb, the aerospace and defense industry has been awarded more than $25 billion in contracts from 2010 to 2020. Now the county will celebrate with an open house and airshow at the Selfridge Air National Guard Base on June 8 and 9. 

Longform Patricia Tillman-Meakins, Tracey Williams, and Becca Fleming at Packard Health Clinic at West Willow.

Community-based health projects offer care for underserved residents in Detroit, Ypsi, and Jackson

Several Michigan organizations are innovating ways to increase health care access for the state’s most vulnerable residents in their own communities. 

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Cómo los sistemas locales de salud aprovechan las granjas locales para obtener opciones de alimentos

Instituciones médicas de todo Michigan están utilizando sus recursos locales para llevar alimentos reales a su personal y pacientes.

Longform Hope Starts Here creates a plan to help Detroit become a city that puts young children and families first by 2027.

الأمل يبدأ هنا» يساعد ديترويت في إعطاء الأولوية للأطفال الصغار

تجمع مبادرة "الأمل يبدأ هنا. " فريقًا من المدافعين والأبطال الذين يقودون الجهود لتطوير نظم الطفولة المبكرة في ديترويت. تمثل هذه المبادرة تعاونًا بين مؤسسة دبليو كيه كيلوج (WKKF)، ومؤسسة كريسجي، ومؤسسة ماكس إم. ومارجوري إس. فيشر (M&M Fisher)، ومجموعة من الوكالات، والمنظمات المجتمعية، والأهم من ذلك، سكان ديترويت. تم إطلاق مبادرة "الأمل يبدأ هنا" رسميًا في عام 2017 بخطة عمل مستمرة تمتد لعشر سنوات  

Partner Content AAoM Kids List

When it comes to autism and mental health, stigma and discrimination play a huge role

Being autistic does not mean a person cannot experience good mental health. However, studies have shown that 78% of autistic children have at least one mental health condition. Stigma and discrimination are often a contributing factor.

Feature Story MichaelKors

Get sustainable at these 5 thrift stores

From clothes and house decor to car parts, here are five resale businesses to check out in Macomb County. 

Nonprofit leaders across southeast Michigan are contributing their thoughts via journal entries on how COVID-19 is affecting their organization. 
This series is made possible with the generous support of our partners, the Michigan Nonprofit Association and Co.ACT. Click here to read the journal entries.