Owl Eye Coffee Roasters to celebrate grand opening of new cafe in downtown Cadillac

What’s happening: Aaron Fekete’s career in coffee has taken him from Cadillac to Bangladesh and back again. The purveyor of Owl Eye Coffee Roasters first opened his wholesale coffee roasting business as a retail storefront in his hometown of Cadillac in 2019, but the plan was always to convert the space into a cafe where he could make the coffee he loves so much and serve it directly to his customers — and where they could sit down and enjoy it, too. That plan has finally been realized, and he and his wife are planning a week-long grand opening event to celebrate.

What it is: Owl Eye Coffee Roasters has renovated their storefront to serve as a modern coffee shop, cleanly designed with its wooden accents, including the counter space, long tables, and furniture. Owl Eye still roasts their coffee here, and serves espresso-based drinks, nitro brews, pour overs, and more. Fekete also offers onsite catering services, even bringing a portable espresso machine as requested.

Who says you can’t go home: Fekete has made it his mission to bring high-quality coffee to his hometown of Cadillac. He’s building direct relationships with coffee farmers all over the world in an effort to ensure fairness and quality, and features several unique roasts here at home each day. Introducing the latest in coffee technology and trends to his neighbors in Cadillac is a key motivator.

“I got back to Cadillac and thought that if I don't go for this now, somebody else will,” Fekete says about his desire to bring high quality, artisan coffee to Cadillac. “I'm just not gonna die happy if I don't at least give it a go in my hometown. I wanted to be the one to do it.”

Grand opening(s): In an effort to get the word out that Owl Eye is now open as a sit down cafe, Fekete has planned a week-long celebration from December 17th through the 23rd. There will be drawings and giveaways throughout the week.

What they’re saying: “Coming to Owl Eye can be an educational experience for a lot of folks who didn't realize coffee was even a fruit, or that it's green before it's brown,” Fekete says. “They can see the roaster as soon as they walk in the cafe, so it’s just like going to a microbrewery. You get that kind of full-immersion experience here.”

Owl Eye Coffee Roasters is located at 317 N. Mitchell St. in downtown Cadillac.

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