Traverse City tech hub and startup incubator launches new suite of resources for area entrepreneurs

What’s happening: The Traverse City-based tech hub and startup incubator 20Fathoms has further expanded its startup incubation programming with The Launch at 20Fathoms, a new suite of resources for Grand Traverse area entrepreneurs that provides new points of access and growth opportunities for the region’s burgeoning small business community.

What it is: The Launch at 20Fathoms features several new resources for area entrepreneurs with Traverse City’s Startup + Tech Hub buoying their efforts. An online platform, the all-new Startup + Tech Hub provides a host of up-to-date resources for area startups, including a directory of people, professional service providers, and startups, a discussion board, event calendar, news, programs, and more.

What it does: “The Startup + Tech Hub is like one-stop shopping for all of the people and activities connected to Traverse City’s entrepreneurship and tech community,” Eric Roberts, Executive Director of 20Fathoms, says in a statement. “Our partners like Traverse Connect, TCNewTech, Northern Michigan Startup Week, Northwestern Michigan College are posting their resources to this website too so you only need to go to this one place to see everything happening in the community, as opposed to going to a bunch of different websites and still potentially missing something.”

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But wait: …there’s more. Also included in The Launch at 20Fathoms programming are several resource guides assembled to better inform area entrepreneurs of opportunities for growth. They include the Access to Capital Guide, Networking Guide, Mentorship Guide, Education Guide, and Pitch Guide, the latter of which provides the latest information on small business pitch competitions throughout the state.

What they’re saying: “I believe that 20Fathoms is the best thing that my business could ever have,” attests Jodie Schanhals, President of MeetingMaker, a Traverse City-based tech startup. “It’s building and sparking at a time that is so essential to me. I’ve gotten so much out of my relationship with 20Fathoms and all of the support that they give.”

20Fathoms is located at 10850 E. Traverse Hwy. in Traverse City.

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