Webberville family converts historic 142-year-old church into gift shop with small museum

What’s happening: After more than a decade of vacancy, the historic Webberville United Methodist Church building has once again opened its doors. The nearly 150-year-old building has been repurposed as a storefront (and homespun museum) by the Fuller family, longtime residents of Webberville. Open since Tuesday, Aug. 9, a grand opening celebration is scheduled for Summit St. Shop on Saturday, Aug. 13.

What it is: Summit St. Shop is a gift shop that carries fabric, adult and children’s fashion, gifts, and decor. Owner-operator Jordan Fuller is big into crafting, she says, so expect crafting materials, as well. Jordan is so big into crafting, in fact, that she initially bought the building five years ago to turn it into a crafting retreat house — where people can rent the building to stay and focus on crafting for days at a time — but pivoted to a gift shop once COVID-19 arrived.

What it was: The old Methodist Church was originally built in 1880. The founding congregation formed in 1877 and practiced their faith there until 2008, when they moved to a brand new building on the other side of town. The Fullers purchased the building from the church five years ago.

Renovating the building took about a year, but the church left it in such good shape that it didn’t require a complete overhaul. The stained glass remains in immaculate condition, Jordan says. As a nod to the building’s history, the Fullers have utilized one of the rooms as a small museum, with more than a century’s worth of church-related photos and artifacts on display.

Celebration: A grand opening celebration is scheduled from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 13, featuring a 15 percent storewide discount, giveaways, and more.

Hometown pride: “I wanted to fill this space with something to bless the neighborhood and the town. Growing up here and going to high school, a lot of people say that they can't wait to get out of this small town. And I'm like, I'm here to stay. I’m raising my kids here,” Jordan says. “And now I’m a business owner.”

Summit St. Shop is located at 205 N. Summit St. in Webberville.

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