Handmade gift shop makes the move from the waterfront to downtown

After four years of beautiful waterfront views, the Half Mile Handmade gift shop has relocated from its original Water Street home to a larger location on Washington Avenue in Downtown Bay City.

Gift shop owner Capri Wisniewski says that while they enjoyed their old location, they were simply “bursting at the seams” with new products, requiring the move to a bigger space.

“I’m pretty excited about the new location. We’re right on Washington, which is more or less downtown’s main drag. Water Street was great and we liked the waterfront, but this seems to give us more exposure,” Wisniewski says.

For four years, Half Mile Handmade has offered handmade gifts and goods from its store on Water Street. Now, it's moved to a larger space on Washington Avenue.“And our neighbors have been great. Everyone has been bringing us gifts, coming over to introduce themselves.”

As the name implies, Half Mile Handmade exclusively sells handmade gifts and goods. Even the new interior is handmade, with Wisniewski and her family personally making and installing everything from the flooring to the fixtures, the murals on the walls, and even the cash wrap.

Work is currently underway on the “supply closet,” which Wisniewski hopes to finish this weekend.

This is not your average supply closet with cleaning supplies and paper towels but rather an effort to extend the joy of craft-making further into the community. Wisniewski invites people to come to the store to donate craft supplies they no longer want or need. She’ll then begin selling $5 craft bags and people can fill up the bags with whatever supplies they want.

“I want this to be a gateway for people to get into crafting,” she says.

Wisniewski’s spirit of community outreach was extended to her earlier this year during the lowest point of the COVID-19 pandemic. Unable to open her doors because of state-mandated restrictions, Wisniewski kept her business afloat by making and selling face masks.

“The only reason we could stay in business was because of the community buying masks from us. It’s the only reason we have a business now,” she says.

Half Mile Handmade is now located at 910 Washington Ave. in Downtown Bay City.

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