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6 million Americans are living with dementia.
Let's change the way we talk about it.


In Season 2, we cover the misconceptions, challenges, realities and solutions of living with dementia. Nearly 6 million Americans have dementia, and one in three older adults dies with it, but dementia is still wildly misunderstood both by the general public and even the medical community. Here in Michigan, people living with dementia, those who care for them, and leaders in the nonprofit and health care sectors are working to change the conversation about dementia on both a local and national level. 

In Season 1, we talked to Michigan community health leaders about how COVID-19 has helped to reveal major, longstanding gaps in Michigan's health care system, and how it's catalyzed positive action to address those gaps.

Michigan's State of Health is a spinoff of the State of Health feature story series. This podcast is produced by Issue Media Group and made possible by the Michigan Health Endowment Fund.

Feature Story Actors Carol Sizer and Bill Klein rehearse "Memory of a Dance," a play about dementia commissioned by the Southwest Michigan-based Region IV Area Agency on Aging to spread community awareness of the experiences of people living with dementia.

PODCAST: Building more dementia-friendly communities

Feature Story Dr. Hank Paulson is a neurologist at University of Michigan Health and director of the Michigan Alzheimer’s Disease Center.
Feature Story Saline resident Jim Mangi is a care partner to his wife, Kathleen, who has Alzheimer's disease.
Feature Story Since being diagnosed with dementia, Monica Downer (center, being interviewed) has become an activist for awareness of her disease.

PODCAST: Dementia disparities in communities of color

Feature Story Cyndy Hund, pictured here with her husband Mike, quit her job due to her dementia symptoms – but it still took her another four years to get a diagnosis.
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PODCAST: Dementia is not a death sentence

Feature Story SOH Podcast Ep 1

PODCAST: Dementia is not a death sentence

Feature Story SOH Podcast Ep 1

PODCAST: Dementia is not a death sentence

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Feature Story MSOH episode 5 art

PODCAST: Reconnecting to behavioral health care in a time of crisis

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Feature Story MSOH episode 3 art
Feature Story MSOH episode 2 art

PODCAST: From health inequity to a "hyperjump" for Michigan

Feature Story MSOH episode 1 art

PODCAST: How COVID-19 helped Michiganders reconnect to care