Voices of Youth

Voices of Youth is a series that will capture the youth perspective and narrative during the COVID-19 response to recovery. It is made possible with funding from the Community Foundation for Southeastern Michigan.

Feature Story VOY Cell phones
Feature Story Artist/Designer: Mahdi Hassnawi. Please see Artist's Statement below.
Feature Story Women sitting on dock
Longform Kayla Davis being honored by Gail Wolkoff at the Educate Youth graduation celebration.
Feature Story Zara Mian.
Feature Story Posters created by student artists Vaishnavi Attili and Tova Weiss.

Voices of Youth: Students advocate for voting rights through art

Feature Story Mental Health and Athletes
Feature Story Battle Creek Climate

Voices of Youth: Plans for a sustainable Battle Creek

Feature Story SAT Voices of Youth list

SAT test is stressful for students

Feature Story Lakeview Square Mall

Voices of Youth: What's next for Lakeview Square Mall?

Feature Story Social media list