Over/Under: Historic homes for sale above and below $100K in Bay City

From homes priced in the hundreds of thousands of dollars to just tens of thousands, Bay City has a diverse array of housing options. Whether you’re looking to get into the housing market at a low price point or invest in a historic mansion, our latest real estate check has you covered.

1403 5th Street: $419,900

This lovingly cared for Victorian mansion carries a hefty asking price, but a quick glance at the listing and its photos reveal why. This 5th Street home blends the historic with the modern, its 1873-era historic features maintained while also including an updated kitchen, new hardwood floors--and some of them heated--and a new boiler. And, oh yeah, a home cinema. This home features six bedrooms, five bathrooms, and a four-car attached garage spread out over 5,000 sq. ft.


This Tudor revival beauty was built in 1929. 1907 5th Street: $155,000

For a more affordable historic home, take a walk just a few blocks east down 5th Street and check out this Tudor revival beauty that was built in 1929. The original maple wood floors and unpainted gum-wood trim evoke the era, while seemingly historic windows are designed to look the part yet are actually relatively new, complete with today’s energy efficient construction design. A backyard deck and patio compete for attention.


Located west of the Saginaw River, this 1872-built home features a large backyard and multi-tiered deck.508 S. Wenona Street: $64,900

Located west of the Saginaw River, this 1872-built home features a large backyard and multi-tiered deck. While some elements might stand an update or two, original features like the detailed wooden banister root the home in Bay City’s storied past.


This 1930-built ranch-style house contains numerous updates.310 McEwan Street: $39,900

The most affordable of this month’s bunch, this 1930-built ranch-style house may be on the smaller end at just 800 sq. ft., but the listing’s photos reveal a well-tended home with numerous updates. Located between downtown and the bend of the Saginaw River, this ranch is within walking distance to local watering holes Shot N Shell and Hooligan’s Food & Spirits, among other Bay City businesses.


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