Brooklyn Boyz planning a celebration for its 20th anniversary

Twenty years ago, if you craved a slice of pizza at the end of a night of music and dancing on Midland Street, you went to Kevin Novellino.

Novellino had just opened Brooklyn Boyz Pizza on Midland Street and was making a name for himself selling pizza by the slice when the bars closed.

Today, Novellino is still on Midland Street, but he’s in a bigger space and focuses on lunches and dinners featuring whole pizzas, pasta, and more.

To celebrate his 20th anniversary in business, Novellino invites you to enjoy music, a magician, and free garlic knots. The event was supposed to happen on May 21, but was delayed indefinitely.

No matter when it happens, Novellino says his goal for the day is simple. He wants to show his customers how much he appreciates their support. He marvels that he’s been in business that long.

Brooklyn Boyz opened up on Midland Street 20 years ago. This year, it celebrates its 20th anniversary with food, entertainment, and music. (Photo Credit: Scott Baker)“It’s been 20 years and it doesn’t feel like that sometimes, but it is,” he says.

In the beginning, his Midland Street eatery featured an open kitchen. People could see the ovens, whether they were buying slices or whole pizzas.

“That’s how we started and it was because our customers told us to keep growing,” that the restaurant evolved.

People told him they wanted a bigger space and alcohol. Novellino obliged, moving into 507 E. Midland St. and pursuing a liquor license.

The change meant serving slices of pizza at 2 a.m. was no longer practical. Also, while Novellino added alcohol to his menu and started bringing in bands, he wanted to keep a family atmosphere.

“We’re still an Italian, family restaurant in Bay City. It’s more like dinner and a show than a bar,” he says.