Replenish, a popular juice and smoothie bar, re-opens in a new West Side Bay City location

A few years ago, husband-and-wife team Greg and Natasha “Tasha” Buzzard were running two businesses inside The City Market in Downtown Bay City.

Tasha’s venture, Replenish, was a juice and smoothie bar. Greg ran That Guys BBQ. When City Market changed its business model from hosting a handful of unique, independent businesses to a single-owner grocery store, Replenish found itself homeless. That Guys BBQ operated exclusively from a food truck.

Replenish promises to deliver drinks and smoothies made with real fruits and vegetables sweetened with locally-sourced honey.That changed about a month ago, though, when Replenish opened inside the newly-renovated Bay Professional Building and That Guys BBQ parked its truck nearby. Previously, the Bay Professional Building, located near the corner of Wenonah and Midland streets, was called Allen Medical Building and housed primarily medical offices, Now, Bay Professional is home to a range of professionals.

Greg and Tasha couldn’t be happier with their new business home.

“They’ve got some doctors and insurance agents, and now they have what’s called the Monarch Beauty Suite, some independent hair and nail salons, and a yoga studio is going in there. This is just a great fit,” says Greg.

Greg says the building owners updated the electrical and the parking lot to accommodate his food truck. 

Despite that they seem to be on opposite ends of the nutrition spectrum, Greg supports Tasha’s business and even boasts that it helped his own weight loss.

“I used to not be a believer, but when I was doing the juices and the protein drinks when we were in the City Market, I literally lost 30 pounds, so I mean it does work,” Greg says.

Greg can’t guarantee others will have the same results, but “I always tell people you can come out and get a brisket or a jalapeno popper and then go in and get some green healthy thing from my wife. And it cancels the calories.”

The healthy green thing is more than just another fancy drink.

“We don’t put the high fructose corn syrup and the sweet, gaggy mixes in there when you come in and get a juice or a smoothie,” he says. ”It’s literally fruits and vegetables, and the only sweetener we use is locally-sourced honey. I mean, we don’t put any artificial garbage in there.”

Bay Professional Building, formerly known as Allen Medical Building, is now home to Replenish, professional offices, and a salon.And, with many of their customers requesting gluten-free and dairy-free, Greg says they have switched to non-dairy ingredients. They also carry Dole Whip, sorbet, or frozen fruit.

Right now, Replenish is open for limited hours, but Greg says as traffic increases, so will their hours and offerings.

“We’re going to have some healthy grab-and-go options where we’ll have some pre-made salads and wraps and things like that for people when they’re on the go.”

In the meantime, Greg is busy with That Guy’s Barbecue, using the opportunity to let people know that Replenish is back in business.

As a small family business, Greg and Tasha know where to place their gratitude.

“The words we live by is we tell people ‘Thank you for your continued support, because truly without you there is no us.’ We just enjoy doing what we can for the community and helping out, but without customers, we’re not able to do that.”

Like so many locally-owned family businesses, Greg and Tasha encourage people to shop at as many local businesses as possible.

“We’re the people that are donating to your kids’ baseball teams, and your kids’ dance teams and things like that, so we just always make a point to tell people thank you.”

Currently, Replenish is open Mondays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., but watch the business Facebook page for updates.

The family is planning a ribbon cutting on Tues., Oct. 17 to mark the grand re-opening.

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