No matter how you take your coffee, there’s always a tasty cup waiting for you in Bay City

Whether you’re skating, sledding, shopping, or building snowmen, there’s nothing like a hot cup of Joe to warm you back up on a cold Michigan day.

The house band at Beatles and Beans Coffee Emporium is none other than the classic Beatles. (Photo courtesy of Beatles and Beans Coffee Emporium)Or any day, for that matter. According to the National Coffee Association, 66% of Americans now drink coffee each day — more than any other beverage including tap water and up by nearly 14% since January 2021.

Lucky for us, Bay City has an assortment of comfy and cozy coffee shops where you can defrost in style this winter. Along with traditional brewed coffee, many shops also offer specialty coffees, cappuccinos, lattes and mochas, as well as tea, hot chocolate, and tasty treats to please anyone on your outing.

Here are a sampling of just some of the options that await you.

Owners: Brad & Peggy Wilderman
Year Opened: 1993

Beatles memorabilia fills the walls of the Downtown Bay City coffee shop that opened in 1993. (Photo courtesy of Beatles and Beans Coffee Emporium)Once you stop in for a hot coffee at Beatles and Beans Coffee Emporium, you’ll understand why they consider themselves the “biggest musical, magical, specialty beverage spectacle to be found anywhere across the universe.” Beatles memorabilia — and lots of it.  

They offer signature specialty coffees, chais, cappuccinos, lattes, mochas, cocoas, loose-leaf teas, smoothies and frozen drinks (be sure to try the No. 13 Espresso Shake). On the food side, Beatles and Beans serves up muffins, bagels, biscotti, cookies, and chocolates.

What customers are saying: “Wow! This place is amazing.” “I can't believe it — this is out of this world!” “Totally FAB.” “Very cool.”
Owner: Lyndsay Edmonds
Year Opened: 2012

Oversized windows lead to a small outdoor area at the back of Harless + Hugh. (Photo courtesy of Harless + Hugh Coffee)Harless + Hugh Coffee is a modern-day, European-style cafe located in the heart of Bay City’s downtown shopping district. Its bright and cozy ambiance features comfortable seating, natural light, a wood-burning fireplace, and restored glass-front coolers from its previous life as a flower shop.

Edmonds relies on the best coffee roasters in the country and rotates through selections such as Fortunate Coffee Co. (Traverse City), Onyx Coffee Lab (Rogers, Arkansas), Canyon Coffee (Los Angeles) and Parlor Coffee (Brooklyn, New York). They make their our own syrups, including a ganache made from Bay City’s St. Laurent Brother’s chocolate.

Along with a variety of coffee and espresso, Harless + Hugh offers natural wine, beer, cocktails, and a small food menu comprised of toast and toppings, cheese boards, parfaits, and quiche.
Seating inside ranges from traditional tables to lounge chairs. (Photo courtesy of Harless + Hugh Coffee)
From the owner: “People love the ambiance. They love the coffee and our staff. And they love that we’re constantly changing the atmosphere,” Edmonds says.
Owner: Renee Deckrow
Year Opened: 2018

Live Oak Coffeehouse strives to offer a comfortable, community living room that provides its people in its communities a place where they always feel welcome and able to connect with others. In addition to its shop in Bay City’s Uptown, Live Oak has locations in Midland and Saginaw.

Because Deckrow believes there is no substitute for coffee that’s been fresh roasted with skill and care, Live Oak started its own in-house roasting operation using the flavorful green coffee. The shops use their own Live Oak Coffee Roaster’s coffee to make all the usual suspects: lattes, cortados, pour-overs, drip coffee, matcha, and hot teas. Rotating seasonal specials are made with house-made syrups and sauces.

Live Oak Coffeehouse has locations in Bay City's Uptown as well as in Midland and Saginaw. (Photo courtesy of Live Oak Coffeehouse)Its menu includes homemade comfort foods like quiche, pot pies, cookies, muffins and sandwiches.

What customers are saying: “Delicious coffee.” “Great atmosphere.” “Comfortable.”
Populace Coffee has a baking program that features scratch-made treats. It specializes in gluten-free and vegan goods. (Photo courtesy of Populace Coffee)Phone: n/a
Owner: Andrew Heppner
Year Opened: 2010
Populace Coffee's flagship store is in Downtown Bay City. It also sells fresh coffee and pastries in Detroit and Petoskey. (Photo courtesy of Populace Coffee)
Populace Coffee is designed to be a space where anyone feels welcome. It has space to relax by yourself or space to meet with a group of friends. It incorporates modern and functional designs that provide a calm and inviting atmosphere. In addition to its flagship store in Bay City, Populace has locations inside the lobby of Detroit’s Siren Hotel and in downtown Petoskey.

Populace has a baking program that features scratch-made bagels, cookies, scones, and an assortment of other items rotated daily. It also specializes in gluten-free and vegan baked goods. Once a month, the store hosts a pop-up brunch (for menus and dates, visit Populace’s social channels).

From the owner: “Our customer service is top-notch. No matter what someone gets, they are always happy and satisfied,” Heppner says
As the name implies, the staff at Water Street Nutrition focus on offering nutritions food and beverages. (Photo courtesy of Water Street Nutrition)989-402-1433
Owner: Chris Garbe
Year Opened: 2021

Water Street Nutrition joined Downtown Bay City in 2021. (Photo courtesy of Water Street Nutrition)Water Street Nutrition prides itself on creating a positive, upbeat environment that’s a welcoming space for people of all backgrounds, while also offering healthy, delicious, and nutritious food and beverage options.

Its extensive shake menu, including a full café latte section, has over 100 flavors packed with 24 grams of protein, less than 250 calories, and just 9 grams of sugar. In addition to these cold, milkshake-like beverages, Water Street also offers 90-calorie specialty coffee drinks with 15 grams of protein. Current seasonal flavors include peppermint mocha, white chocolate mocha, and salted caramel toffee. Be sure to check out the extensive tea collection and grab a free tea every time you order a shake.

The shop serves a variety of protein balls (monster cookie, Reese’s, no-bake and seasonal) for the perfect mid-day snack. During the winter months, Water Street Nutrition serves hot protein oat bowls with the same nutritional benefits as the shop’s shakes.

From the owner: “Our team strives to make sure you leave feeling more energized and ready to tackle the day ahead,” Garbe says.

WEST SIDE989-391-4017
Owners: Stacy and Michael Gretz
Year Opened: 2021

Cei’s Teas is a clean, family-friendly coffee shop on Bay City’s West Side. But it’s more than just bubble tea. The owners strive to bridge the gap between coffee and tea drinkers, bringing both beverages together in one store through the common love for boba. Along with comfortable seating, Cei’s Teas offers games, TV, free Wi-Fi, and tables for students.

In addition to traditionally-made boba teas, Cei’s offers a variety of coffee blends plus specialty drinks such as Vietnamese coffee, Vietnamese egg coffee, and deep-fried coffee.

The food menu includes bagels, baked goods, sliders, grilled cheese, udon soup, and mochi ice cream.

From the owners: “Our coffee shop is unique and has items that most people have not had before. We also are very authentic and have delicious drinks,” Stacy Gretz says,.
Owners: Nine police officers who opened the Clare store
Year opened: 2016

Cops & Doughnuts opened on Bay City's West Side in 2016, but the 710 E. Midland St. location has housed a bakery for generations. (Photo courtesy of Cops and Doughnuts)Bay City’s Cops & Doughnuts shop is located in the former Sutherland’s Bakery, which served the community for more than a century. Known as the Sutherland Precinct, the shop was purchased by the same nine police officers who banded together years ago to save the historic Clare Bakery. The Bay City store was recently renovated to the original retail area.

In addition to delectable donuts, cookies, pastries, and treats, Cops & Doughnuts serves its own Cops Coffee in three blends: morning shift (medium roast), midnight shift (dark roast), and off-duty decaf (decaffeinated).

From the owners: “Customers love our old, renovated space and love that our coffee has no bitter aftertaste,” says Greg Rynearson, co-owner.
Owners: Benjamin Paul and Lauren Williams
Year opened: 2022

LoLoBee's Coffee and Tea Lounge is one of the only local coffee shops open in the evenings. (Photo courtesy of LoLoBee's)LoLoBee’s Lounge is a new late-night coffee and tea lounge offering coffee, tea, and community from noon to midnight every day except Wednesdays. Its cozy atmosphere is flexible to its customers’ needs, offering space for studying, events, reading, playing games, or just hanging out.

LoLoBee's Coffee and Tea Lounge opened earlier this year near the Midland Street entertainment district. (Photo courtesy of LoLoBee's)In addition to brewed and iced coffee, LoLoBee’s serves a variety of espresso, teas, hot chocolate, and cream soda. most popular menu item is the Vietnamese-inspired iced coffee, which is a strong coffee steeped over sweetened condensed milk. LoLoBee’s also serves some rotating drinks based on the season. Current specialty beverages include The Dirty Pie, Molasses Cookie Latte, The Worm, and Orange Mocha.

The shop also serves a variety of sweet and savory small bites.

What customers are saying: “Oh my gosh, it’s so cool in here!”