Tim Marciniak retires after 31 years of making memories with Bay City schools students and staff

When growing up, one of the toughest decisions is what you want to do with your life after you leave school. It takes some people years to decide, and many change their minds once or twice. But for Timothy Marciniak, it was simple; he always knew he wanted to work in education and says he was “always being pulled toward teaching” because his family is a family of teachers.

Marciniak attended St. Hyacinth from kindergarten through 8th-grade and then went to All Saints Central for high school. Marciniak played multiple sports including baseball, basketball, football, and tennis. When it came time for Marciniak to graduate from All Saints, he decided to go to Central Michigan University because of its great education program. Marciniak also later went to Saginaw Valley State University to get his Master of Administration.

Marciniak started his education career at Auburn Elementary as a fourth-grade teacher, he then went to Western Middle School to teach English. Marciniak then transferred to T.L. Handy Middle School to teach English and Math.

Marciniak never imagined working in administration, but while teaching at Handy, Marciniak had the opportunity to do an Assistant Principal Internship there. After that, he continued as a full-time Assistant Principal.

Marciniak's first Principal spot was at McGregor Elementary, which is where he stayed until he got an offer to be the Principal of Bay City Central. Marciniak has a total of 31 years in Bay City Public Schools, including 21 as an administrator. He’s been Principal of Bay City Central for 18 years.

Marciniak has loved being the Principal of Bay City Central. He loves the staff, students, and facilities at the high school.

Marciniak loves seeing the students come in their freshman year and transform into young adults ready for what’s next. Marciniak also loves being able to give the diploma out to all the students; every year and every student has so many fun stories and memories that he always tears up when giving his speech at graduation.

He is retiring happy, knowing how much he has impacted the students and staff of Bay City Central, and is excited to be able to come back next year as a parent of a Bay City Central freshman.

Marciniak has had tons of memories and amazing students, but one of his most memorable is when Andre Huston hugged him after winning un-winnable football games, This is such a memorable thing for Marciniak because he taught Andre in second grade and then later was his Principal at Bay City Central.

Marciniak loves seeing the growth of students while at school and loves looking into the community and seeing students he taught doing great things.

Marciniak has decided that retirement feels right now. He has decided that Bay City Central’s class of 2023 is an amazing class to leave with because they have gone through so much in their time at Central and have done an amazing job.

Marciniak has also come to a point where realizes the has done the job for too long and a new person with a new point of view may benefit Bay City Central.

Growing up in the South End, Marciniak has always loved Bay City. Marciniak loves the small town in a big city style of Bay City, but he also loves the diversity of Bay City. Marciniak knows he will be doing something else once he retires but has no idea what it will be yet; he does know that whatever it is, it will be hard and take a lot of effort, but he wants more experience and to learn something new.

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