Clients address root causes of health concerns through new Williamston facility

People seeking solutions for a health concern may find relief outside the traditional doctor visit through a newly established business in Williamston.
Authentic Alternative Health Choice offers a variety of approaches that can help a person achieve external and internal balance. Located at 1232 E. Grand River just west of downtown Williamston, the small facility provides ample space for the practice of health disciplines that involve massage, hot stones, reiki, lymphatic drainage, hypnotherapy and EFT, naturopathic medicine and natural health services, holistic health, life counseling and more.
"Many people are not finding the results they want through some of the more traditional medicines," says Owner Nicole Giguere. "People might be taking things to get rid of pain and having a hard time achieving that. They look to us to find the root cause—be it muscular, skeletal or other."
Giguere is among four specialists offering a unique blend of services. Her specialty, she says, is massage therapy. Another specialist focuses on naturopathy. A third specialist practices hypnotherapy. And to round out the mix, a life coach can help clients navigate change or challenging circumstances.
"With some clients, we refer each other's services," says Giguere. "There are correlations among all of us."
Giguere moved into the 817-square-foot-space in the spring of 2014 and worked with her dad—a custom homebuilder—to do all of the interior renovations. Each practitioner, she says, has a private space to work one-on-one with any of the 35 clients who visit the center each week. A small lobby with a vinyl hardwood floor and light yellow walls provides a welcoming space to enjoy cold water, hot tea and New Age music while browsing a small line of retail health products including natural energy drinks, anti-oxidant juices and essential oils.
"We're looking at the body holistically, or the authentic root of a person," says Giguere when how she came up with the name of her business. "And because we offer alternative choices that are health focused, the name just seemed to follow."
Source: Nicole Giguere, Owner, Authentic Alternative Health Care
Writer: Ann Kammerer, Development News Editor
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