His & Her Beauty Bar rocks out hair with a vintage twist

Danielle Wirth started getting in everyone's hair at the age of 12. That's about the time her father began showing her some of the professional secrets he applied every day at his barbershop in Ann Arbor.
By the time Wirth finished high school, she had amassed years of experience doing hair for homecoming, dances and proms. Added to the cosmetology training she received through the Capital Area Career Center, the Williamston native was well equipped to work in a salon or hang her own shingle.
"I always have my hand in someone's hair," says Wirth who recently opened her own salon in Williamston. "I just can't get enough of it."
Wirth cut the ribbon on the His & Her Beauty Bar at 725 W. Grand River Ave. in Willilamston in early June. It's a place, she says, that blends old school barbering with new school cuts. She describes her style as "vintagey" with a modern twist, combining fashion, trends and precision cutting techniques she learned from her dad.
Wirth's 1,250-square foot salon will have six chairs, three stylists and eventually separate areas for a massage therapist, esthetician and make-up artist. The red, black and white décor shouts nostalgia with portraits of beautiful mid-century stars, including Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Elvis.
"Elvis is awesome and always had amazing hair," says Wirth. "I meet a lot of guys who would love to have hair like his, and since there's no particular name for his hair style, I offer a cut called the 'Elvis Haircut.'"
In addition to the Elvis cut, Wirth's vintage hair services include pin curls, victory rolls and finger waves.
"A lot of people are asking for those kinds of things now," says Wirth. "I can execute old style hair trends as well as precision cutting."
Wirth says she loves how much you can change someone's life simply by altering their hair, make-up or eyebrows. She says nothing compares to the gratitude she sees on a customer's face when she turns the chair around and they see their new look for the first time.
"I can rock out anyone's hair," says Wirth. "Sometimes people need someone to tell them in a nice way what needs to be done. I'm not afraid to do that."
Source: Danielle Wirth, Owner, His & Hers Beauty Bar
Writer: Ann Kammerer, Development News Editor
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