Bloom Coffee Roasters set to spill the beans in Old Town

They've been percolating for a year or so.
Or to use popular lingo, they're roasting, pouring over, pressing and brewing up what they say will be among the finest cups of espresso, lattes and other freshly prepared, single-sourced coffees in town.
Come March, Jared Field and Cameron Russell will open the doors on Bloom Coffee Roasters in Old Town. Coffee fans are invited to come in, sit down and get to know the roasters taking up shop at 1236 Turner Street in Lansing.
"We deeply believe that drinking coffee should be one of the most pleasurable experiences of your day," says Field. "That's why we're committed to treating our customers like partners in our business."
Field and Russell first spilled the beans on their business concept in the summer of 2014.
They began as a roaster in REO Town, operating out of a 2,200-square foot warehouse. Within a few months, they moved to Old Town and set their sights on opening a sit-down coffee shop where they could sell their roasts and offer customers a place to enjoy a cup of Joe.
When open, Bloom Coffee Roasters will seat up to 30 people in a 1,000-square foot space. Customers will be able to enjoy conversation at a wrap around coffee bar or a window seat overlooking Turner Street. A wall along the back will provide a quieter area, while the roaster will be visible through a glassed-in area to the caffeinated and curious.
Field says the environment of Bloom will set them apart from other roasters and coffee shops in town. His goal, he says, is to continue creating a community of people who are interested in coffee, and a culture that just feels comfortable.
"People can get a snobby and create a bad impression of the industry. We don't want to be that way," Field says. "We want our customers to know they can come in and have a conversation with us, ask us questions. We want you to know your roaster—that's our hash tag. We want you to know the people who are pouring your coffee."
Bloom Coffee Roasters employs four part-time staff and roasts 200 to 250 pounds of beans each week. Field and Russell source their beans from Minnesota's Café Imports: a vendor that does direct trade with small farms. Coffee aficionados can also purchase Bloom coffee from the Old Town General Store, Foods for Living, and Monticello's Market in Haslett.
Source: Jared Field, Co-owner, Bloom Coffee Roasters
Writer: Ann Kammerer, News Editor
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