Lucky 7 Motor Sports takes on details for time-pressed motorists

While Mary Mankey and her sons like cleaning and detailing cars, they know many people don't, especially when the weather dips below freezing.
In January, Mankey and her sons John and Joel Kuruda added car detailing to the line of services provided through Lucky 7 Motor Sports—a small motor sports repair company on U.S. 27 between North Lansing and DeWitt.
"We started thinking about business people who have to pick up clients," says Mankey. "Then we thought about people who simply don't like cleaning their cars. That's really how it all got started."
Mankey bought the 700-square foot property in mid-2014 and helped set up her two mechanically-inclined sons in the business of repairing motor cycles, four wheelers, snow mobiles and boat motors.
"John had been dismantling things she he was little," says Mankey of her son, a certified master mechanic. "I remember how our shed wound up being a bike repair shop for the neighborhood when he was a teen."
The expansion into car detailing was a natural extension of the business. No car is too big or too small, or too new or too old, Mankey says. Detailing packages include complete interior and exterior finishes, express services, and individual TLC on particular areas. Full detailing jobs can take about four hours and include steam cleaning the carpet and upholstery, foam cleaning and washing, waxing and buffing, washing all windows and tires, and blowing out vents. Customers can arrange for pick-up and delivery of their vehicle, wait onsite for less time-intensive detailing services, or be transported down the street to a local restaurant to pass the time.
"We're family-owned, we're small, and my sons are really good at detailing," Mankey says. "We care about what we do and want to present a good service to our customers."
Source: Mary Mankey, Owner, Lucky 7 Motor Sports
Writer: Ann Kammerer, News Editor
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