Entrepreneur feeling groovy about new donut shop in Williamston

For Andrew Gauthier, opening a donut shop in Williamston wasn't such a far out idea.
In fact, he couldn't see any reason why he shouldn't, especially after his restaurateur dad with entrepreneurial vibes told him to go for it.
Last September, Gauthier plastered the walls of a 900-square foot space at 313 W. Grand River with rock posters and psychedelic memorabilia and opened Groovy Donuts. And while the atmosphere screams laid-back nostalgia over a soundtrack of concert videos from the 60s and 70s, the shop is a beehive of activity for employees and customers alike.
Well before the morning commute, Gauthier is onsite, making fried or cake donut classics including including glazed, vanilla, buttermilk and sour cream. Fritters are not to be ignored, with the classic apple, cherry and blueberry complimented by 21st century maple bacon or pina colada. Other standards include Bismarcks, jelly-filled and long johns with custard or cream. On any given day, Gauthier and his team make about 1,000 donuts.
"We even have something called 'the Funky Hubcap,'" says Gauthier. "It's the equivalent of a dozen glazed donuts. If you can eat the whole thing in a certain amount of time, you get a free T-shirt."
The donut crazed can pair their chosen baked good with coffee. Groovy Donuts offers lattes, cappuccinos, Americanos and straight up "old-fashion" drip coffee, with Italian flavorings and sauces on request.
Gauthier came up with the donut shop idea after he and his dad went seeking a sweet treat after a lunch about a year ago. Noticing there was little in the way of a local donut hangout, the two put their heads together and weighed the pros and cons.
"It went from a simple conversation about how there's nothing like this in town to maybe this is where I fit in," says Gautheir. "It was my entrepreneurial opportunity, and a chance to create the kind of place where people can enjoy hanging out."
While based in Williamston, Gauthier says Groovy Donuts will be rolling into Lansing, with a line of donuts offered through Bloom Coffee Roasters in Old Town in the near future.
Groovy Donuts is open every day except Monday, and can accommodate about 20 "dine-in" customers. Shop hours accommodate early risers as well as those looking for late afternoon or dinner hour snacks. The shop employs six staff.
Source: Andrew Gauthier, Owner, Groovy Donuts
Writer: Ann Kammerer, News Editor
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