Bridge Street Social invites patrons to enjoy wine, fine dining in a homey setting

One worked as a wine salesman, the other as a chef. The two met and over time, began talking, coming up with an idea that furthers their passions in the hospitality industry and help builds community, too.
In April, Justin King—a certified sommelier—and Mike Luther—a long-time chef and owner of Williamston's Red Cedar Grill—opened Bridge Street Social in DeWitt. It's a place, says King, that combines the best of a wine bar with the best of fine dining. It's also a place that fosters the best of conversation by bringing friends, family and community together under one roof.
"This is a real homey place," says King. "We tried to make it feel natural and warm for conversations. We don't have a TV. Part of me is a touch sad about that, but I love the vibe of being able to enjoy a great meal and not be distracted."
Located at 107 S. Bridge Street, the 1,900-square foot restaurant seats 48 people in the dining room, 10 at the bar, and about 15 on an outdoor patio. Guests can enjoy up to 150 wines decanted by the glass, as well as a menu that features small plates and full dinners that combine elements of contemporary cuisine from all coasts and continents. Creative cocktails and craft beer—some sourced locally—are also happy hour and evening favorites.
King tapped his knowledge of the industry and imported a progressive idea that enables Bridge Street Social to offer more wine by the glass than any other local restaurant, and to rival top restaurants in Michigan. He explains that the restaurant will leverage the Coravin wine pouring system—a device that uses small needles to pierce the cork in a wine bottle and replaces it with argon cartridge. The system can increase the lifespan of a bottle of wine from three days to a year, and helps keep by-the-glass costs down by reducing spoilage or waste.  
Bridge Street Social created 13 jobs and is dedicated to keeping costs reasonable and within reach. Dinners start at about $15, or guests can enjoy a drink and a smaller selection for about $16. Wines range from value-driven to elegant, with some topping $175 a bottle.
"We take all kinds of guests into consideration," King says. "Sometimes you want to come in for an anniversary or sometimes you're just out for the night with a best friend."
Source: Justin King, Co-Owner, Bridge Street Social
Writer: Ann Kammerer, News Editor
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