AL!VE expands to accommodate growing services

A destination health park in Charlotte opened by Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital is adding space to accommodate the growing footprint of the hospital’s cardiopulmonary rehabilitation services.
With construction underway as of mid-July, the 4,150-square foot expansion of AL!VE will enable the hospital to move the increasingly popular cardiopulmonary rehabilitation services to AL!VE in 2017. The expansion will include a new group exercise room, freeing up the current multi-purpose room for more events, meetings and programs.
“There is a growing need in our community for cardio rehab services,” said Patrick Sustrich, AL!VE executive director. “We don’t want to have to turn patients away because of a lack of space and resources. Moving the program to AL!VE is an important move for its ongoing success because it will increase capacity, and allow us to further improve program quality and patient outcomes.”
The move from the hospital to AL!VE, Sustrich says, will allow cardio-rehab participants to access additional space, needed equipment, locker rooms and staff resources, and other rehabilitation services at the health park. The move will also foster the development of an intensive cardiopulmonary rehabilitation program focused on exercise and lifestyle improvements.
“Not only will we be able to accommodate more events, but we will also be able to expand our recreational programming,” says Sustrich. “Some of our more popular activities include basketball, volleyball, dodge ball and rock wall climbing. However, we have been limited in what we can provide because of trying to schedule group exercise, meetings and events, and recreational activities all in the same space. Moving group exercise means we have more flexibility to meet a growing variety of community needs and interests.”
The majority of construction will have minimal impact on services, and up the total square footage of the existing building to 70,650 square feet. The $475,000 addition, Sustrich says, will generate a return through increased event rental, expanded recreational programming, increased membership, and growth of cardiopulmonary rehabilitation.
The hospital currently has a capacity for 30 cardio-rehab patients daily. The expansion, says Sustrich, will double the capacity. Since 2014, the cardio program has experienced a 90 percent growth in patient visits, as well as a more than a 65 percent increase in retention in the program's educational offerings.
Hayes Green Beach opened AL!VE at 800 W. Lawrence Ave., in Charlotte, Mich., in November 2011. The health park welcomes all community members, with no entry fees or membership required.
Source: Darice Darling, HGB Director of Marketing and Communications
Writer: Ann Kammerer, News Editor
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