Growing realtor finds new home in REO Town

Exit Realty Home Partners just made its entrance in REO Town.
In mid-August, the independent realty franchise made its new home in the refurbished Krentel Building at 1000 S. Washington Ave. It was a move, says co-owner Jonathan Lum, that signified the broker's commitment to Lansing's renaissance and helping to building community through buying and selling homes.
"It's great to be in the center of the whole region," says Lum, co-owner of Exit Realty Home Partners. "One of the defining things of being in REO Town is being part of this city's revitalization. It's one of the cool things we've wanted to tap into."
Lum formed Exit Realty Home Partners about two years ago with Heather Driscoll, another independent agent focused on residential real estate. He says the two want to propel their franchise into growth mode as they guide homebuyers and sellers through the real estate process.
"We very much realize that with real estate, it's a lot more than buying and selling homes," says Lum. "Lots of times people who are moving have other stressors in their lives—like a death in the family, divorce, growing families or jobs. It takes a lot of coordinated efforts and we have a deep sense of empathy and understanding."
Lum says both he and Driscoll were born and raised in Greater Lansing and leverage their knowledge of the area. Part of their philosophy, he says, is to go above and beyond the customer's expectations, and to help connect clients with resources and service providers outside the realm of real estate if asked.
Exit Realty Home Partners closed 89 transactions in 2015, and are on track to exceed that number in 2016. Seven staff—including two owner/agents, two agents and three administers—currently work out of the REO Town office. Lum says he anticipates adding up six agents in the next 12 months.
The franchise's new 1,248-square foot space shares common areas with other occupants of the 1918 Krentel Building including the Lansing Economic Area Partnership, Change Media and AKT Peerless.
Source: Jonathan Lum, Owner, Exit Realty Home Partners
Writer: Ann Kammerer, News Editor

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