New East Lansing business hopes to help Apple product owners and buyers

If you've ever bought an Apple device - whether it's an iphone, an ipad, or a mac computer, you know two things for sure. One: you got a great device that will work beautifully and last for years, and two: you probably forked over a huge chunk of change to get it. Because while Apple makes great products that are known for their user friendly interfaces, they're prohibitively expensive. So Brian Town, the owner of Michigan Creative, decided it was time to solve that problem.

"We've been using Apple products here at Michigan Creative for years and we love them, but we realize how hard it can be for people to spend that money." Town says, when explaining why he decided to branch out and invest in a second company - Experimac - which buys, sells, trades, and provides support for pre owned Apple products.

With MSU and LCC nearby, there's a huge student population in the community, plus a growing body of artists and designers who make use of Apple products. But not many people can afford to pay what they're worth. Which is where Experimac comes in. "We want to be a great resource for people who want Apple devices, but can't afford to pay an arm and a leg for them."

Experimac sells everything Apple, from phones and ipads to computers and accessories. Everything comes with a warranty, and the guarantee that you're going to get personalized help and support for your device. "Someone can come in for a repair on one of their Apple devices, can get something upgraded, or even trade in something older when they're looking to upgrade." Town explains.

And then there's the issue of safety. "We want to be a safe place where people can sell an apple device. Selling on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist can be risky. You don't know who you're meeting and that can make people vulnerable." Town says. So if it's an Apple device you want to sell, Experimac offers a safe place for that transaction, so that there's no risk involved.

And Experimac isn't just a place to buy, sell and trade all things Apple. Town wants to be the one-stop-shop for all of Greater Lansing's Apple needs, which includes having knowledgeable staff on hand to answer questions, troubleshoot when you encounter a problem, and walk you through how to use a device if you're new to it.

"We'd love people to stop by and say hello, and see what we're all about!" Town smiles. "And with Christmas right around the corner, it's the perfect time to check out everything we've got to offer. After all, what better place to buy gifts than a store that carries exactly what people want to get!"

Source: Brian Town, Co-owner, Experimac Franchise
Writer: Sarah Hillman, News Editor, Capital Gains

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