Crosaires offers aging adults a new lifestyle in Williamston, creates four jobs

By the time Todd Walter opened his first aging community residence in Williamston last month, he already had 18 years of experience serving older adults under his belt. Inspired by his own grandmother’s aging process, Walter has become a leader in progressive eldercare advocacy projects in the state of Michigan and around the country.
“I’ve been involved in a culture change movement,” Walter says. “We’ve been trying to get people to look at this stage of life differently.”
Walter recently celebrated the culmination of those years of advocacy with the opening of Crosaires, a 2,800 square foot home for aging adults on North Zimmer Road in Williamston.
“This has always been a dream of mine to come back full circle to honor my grandmother in this way,” Walter says. “I’ve always had a desire to own my own place.” 
Crosaires will not only be the home to six elderly adults, but will also serve as an opportunity for the community members to interact with his residents and vice versa. In addition to regular visits to events and businesses in Downtown Williamston, Walter will invite community groups to garden, enjoy firepits, stargaze and more with his residents.
“It’s an environment where they’re involved with the community,” says Walter. “They’re not just tucked away getting medical treatment.” 
Crosaires’ first resident moved in on April 4. Walter currently employs four staff members at the new home. 
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