SWAT Environmental expands into 9,000 sq ft facility, to hire nine new staff members

When SWAT Environmental began as a small radon mitigation company in 1988, it’s safe to say theat the Lansing based startup wasn’t expecting to grow to international notoriety. When the firm was recognized in Inc. Magazine’s list of 5000 fastest growing companies, however, it’s place as the world’s largest radon mitigation company was confirmed.
SWAT now operates roughly 45 locations nationwide with a total of about 100 employees. Around 40 of those are right here in Lansing at the company's headquarters. Noss expects about nine new employees to be added locally by the end of the year. 
“Our main focus right now is franchising,” says SWAT’s Director of Marketiing, Matthew Noss. “We actually have been posting new positions for technicians across the country on a daily basis.” 
While Noss describes radon mitigation as the company’s bread and butter, he attributes their growth in part to expansion into other services, such as soil, water and air technologies – hence the SWAT acronym.
“It’s not just the expansion, but also the demand,” Noss says. “Our goal used to be to get 150 installations per week, but we’re doing around 300 installations per week right now.  We’re coming up on 100,000 installations across the county.”
With the increased staff and demand, SWAT has expanded physically as well. The company purchased an approximately 9,000 square foot facility in January and has been renovating it ever since. Staff have already moved into half of the former Moose Lodge office, located off of MLK. Renovations are currently underway on the other half, which will become a training facility.  
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