CG Fashion: Stylish work attire in Lansing

Workplace attire certainly leaves room for the fashionable to express themselves; but what someone does for a living can also impact their choice of outfit. Let's take a gander at a few sectors and what some local professionals are wearing to their place of employment, while adding a bit of pizzazz. Whether it's working in a garden, whipping up creative design concepts, or facilitating meetings all day, these stylish Lansingites maintain their fashion style in the workplace - and they are just a few of the many stylish working folks around our region!


Kat Cooper

Age: 32

Occupation: Communication Manager, Auxiliary Resources, Michigan State University

Describe your style: I'd call it classic with a twist.

How does this play into your work style? Well, there are certainly less 'twists' in my work style! But one of the great things about working in the academic setting I'm in is that there's a fair amount of sartorial freedom.

Favorite item in your closet: It seems to change all the time! But right now, I'd say my vintage aqua silk duponi swing coat. It comes in and out of 'style' but I always love it.

Must-have item for fall? I'm on the hunt for the perfect denim jacket - now that's an item I can wear at work and at play!


Name: Andrea Poole
Age: 28
Occupation: Marketing Content Strategist for TechSmith
Describe your style: I love classic, feminine looks, but comfort is important for me too.

How does this affect your work style? At TechSmith, we can dress casually, so I have the freedom to be creative and current with my work style. I typically dress the same for work as I do for going out to dinner with friends. I previously worked for MSU and the Michigan State Senate, so I still have a lot of business professional items that I try to mix in with a more casual look. That’s why I’m always drawn to more classic styles and colors—they are easy to dress up or down.
How do co-workers view your style? Well, we don’t talk about it much, but I think they approve! What I love about TechSmith is that everyone is free to express their own style, whether it be heels and a dress or a funny t-shirt and jeans.


Name: Tremaine Phillips 
Age: 26
Occupation: Chief Program Officer, Prima Civitas Foundation
Describe your style: Fairly casual and comfortable. Good enough for a nice night out at Troppo, but casual enough for an after party at Spare Time Lanes. 
How does this play into your work style, does it very from your work style? I am notoriously grumpy and slow at getting up in the morning, so I gravitate towards clothing that has minimal preparation and maintenance, while allowing for many opportunities to mix-and-match. 
How do co-workers view your style? I have to admit, I am not even the most stylish employee here at PCF. We have a very innovative and fun staff, and that is reflected in everyone's personal style. So it creates a fun office environment, while also adding a bit of friendly competition. 

Favorite item in your closet: MSU t-shirts from East Lansing-based Underground Printing and a Petoskey Stone necklace I purchased from the East Lansing Art Festival several years ago. 
Must-have item for fall: V-neck long-sleeved sweaters. 

Name: Elise Androkites
Age: 24
Occupation: Graphic Designer
Describe your style: Clean, bright, eclectic.
How do co-workers view your style? "Elise has an incredible eye for combining current trends with classic styles and proportions. She's fantastic at adding in vintage cues such as show-stopper necklaces. She's always the perfect blend of fashion and smart styling for the workplace. Never too trendy, always tasteful, and definitely someone to emulate." (Jen Estill/Bosslady & Creative Director)
Favorite item in your closet: My "Marsha skirt." My boyfriend's mother, Marsha, is a brilliant and talented women's custom clothing designer and she made me a beautiful skirt for my birthday. It's a gorgeous shade of orange featuring a charming embroidery that was inspired by a vintage brooch. The skirt is one-of-a-kind and made just for me—I love it!

Name: Bekah Galang
Age: 22
Occupation: Food Programs Manager for the Food Bank Council of Michigan and server/gardener at Fork in the Road
Describe your style: Michigan natural but quirky, with a love of all things comfortable.
How does this play into your work style? This definitely plays into my work style. At the Food Bank Council, I make a lot of farm visits and travel throughout Michigan - I need to look professional, but also like I can have a long conversation about broccoli. It is my usual style, but grown up a bit.
Must-have item for fall? Scarves. My absolute favorite is a thin, gauze orange-y scarf that I bought in Florence.

Photos © Dave Trumpie

Dave Trumpie is the managing photographer for Capital Gains. He is a freelance photographer and owner of Trumpie Photography.

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