Adopt A Spot labor of love keeps Downtown clean

With more than 155 flower gardens and 55 rain gardens within the downtown district, keeping all the debris and trash at bay could be a daunting task for any person. However, thanks to the countless volunteers who make up the 65 groups who annually adopt these gardens, downtown Lansing is a more beautiful place to be.
The seasonal Adopt a Spot Program runs annually from May-November. As one of the largest urban rain garden projects in the country, the program relies on the time and talent of volunteers to keep these areas clean and in shape. During the course of just a couple months, the program’s 65 adopting groups have logged over 170 hours removing over 3,400 gallons of debris, weeds and trash from entering the Grand River and city infrastructure system.
"The Adopt A Spot program began in in 2009 with a 45% percent adoption rate, which has grown to 73% at the end of the season in 2012. We are really pleased that the program is on pace to exceed last year’s adoption rate due to the continued increase of community volunteers," says Mindy Biladeau, Downtown Lansing, Inc. Executive Director.
A seasonal Adopt-A-Spot Coordinator oversees all of the volunteer groups. The coordinator’s tasks include recruiting volunteer groups to pick up litter, pulling weeds, and basic maintenance, along with many other tasks to keep downtown Lansing looking clean and green throughout the year.
"Adopt-A-Spot volunteers take great pride and ownership in their gardens, and we appreciate their personal contributions to maintaining these public spaces," adds Biladeau.
Source: Cathleen Edgerly, Downtown Lansing, Inc.
Writer: Veronica Gracia-Wing, Innovation News
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