continues long history of consistent growth has provided cutting edge, locally grown technology services to the Greater Lansing area for over 20 years, and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.
“Our goal is to get fiber optic service and a gigabit connection speed to all of our customers,” says CEO Kevin Schoen. He adds, “We’ve been very busy providing the latest fiber technology to businesses and governments across the state and remain in a strong position to make investments in their surrounding communities.”
In the past 6 months, staff has grown from 45 to 60 people; hiring, too, won’t be slowing down any time soon. Schoen anticipates hiring at least 4-8 staff in the next 12 months. Sales, design, construction, customer support, and engineering positions will all likely be available in the upcoming year.
Schoen attributes successfully competing with global and national companies to’s philosophy on response. “We’re usually just up the street from someone, so we’re quick with repairs and in monitoring our customer support,” he says. “We understand the impact of when something breaks and respond accordingly; you’re not speaking to someone across the country or world.” has been consistently profitable for years, something Schoen indicates is made possible by the fact they’re headquartered in the midst of a city with an indigenous tech base.’s services are essential to the underground infrastructure that cultivates the business landscape looking for faster and more reliable ways to be connected.
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