Anthony Hall is Better Buildings Challenge Showcase Project

Michigan State University’s Anthony Hall will be the first to receive energy efficient upgrades as the Showcase Project for the Better Building Challenge.

The Better Building Challenge is a national leadership initiative of the U.S. Department of Energy that partners with public and private entities to improve the energy consumption of their existing building portfolio.  MSU is 1 of only 18 educational partners participating in the challenge.

“MSU has always been committed to improving the quality of life of our community,” said Bill Latta, Assistant Vice President of Operations at MSU. “We take the power of research and the power of education and apply it to real world problems in an effort to improve the lives of everyday people.”

MSU was matched with energy efficiency technology professionals to help them build an energy model that would help them determine which location would be best served by an improvement. The energy transition plans they develop to reduce green house gas emission and increase renewable energy will be available for other campuses to utilize. The improvements to Anthony Hall will likely save 34% in energy costs annually.  

“These improvements will lead to more jobs for contractors in the Greater Lansing area as well as an opportunity for new technologies to be developed right here.” stated Latta.

Source: Bill Latta, Michigan State University
Writer: Tashmica Torok, Innovation News Editor
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