MSU Bikes merges with MSU Surplus/Recycling to improve repair and resale services

Michigan State University estimates that around 20,000 bicycles call their campus home, and thanks to a reorganization of MSU Bikes and MSU Surplus/Recycling, the way some of those used bikes are recycled and resold on campus is about to become a lot more streamlined. 

The bicycle shop MSU Bikes is now part of MSU Surplus/Recycling.

“Going back to the beginnings of the MSU Bikes Service Center,” says MSU Bikes Service Center manager Tim Potter, “Surplus was considered as a possible home, but it was decided that it would go under the Physical Plant/Transportation Services. Over the years it’s become apparent that it doesn’t make a whole lot so sense to sell bikes out of two different places.”

Prior to the move, impounded and donated bikes were sold at both locations, but MSU Bikes repaired and refurbished the bikes and surplus/recycling sold them as is. Eventually a second bike shop will be opened at the Surplus Store/Recycling Center on the south side of campus, which will make purchases and repairs easier, not only for university students and facility, but also for the general public. 

“Surplus has had pretty limited hours to the public,” says Potter. “But there is good parking down there, so the general public can get here easily. So we’re working on a few things there.”
Potter hopes students, faculty and the general public find that the reorganization gives them access to more bikes at better quality, and with fewer headaches.
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