Dr. Energy Saver of Lansing provides energy saving audits, experiences 92 percent growth

Built upon the expertise of the professionals at Ayers Basement Systems, is the home energy efficiency company, Dr. Energy Saver of Lansing. Established in 2009, the home energy audit network strives to help make homes comfortable, energy efficient, and affordable for Lansing residents.
Fully experiencing the growing green movement, Dr. Energy Saver of Lansing is riding a growth wave. "Dr. Energy Saver currently employs 25 staff members," says Marketing Manager, Cathy Burke. "At this time last year, we had a staff of 13." The growth doesn't stop there: Burke says the company anticipates building the staff to 35 by the end of 2013.
Dr. Energy Saver technicians are thoroughly trained, certified, and updated at the National Energy Conservation Center. Local partnerships are important, too, explains Burke. "We have a great relationship with the Alternative Energy program at LCC," she explains. "In fact, we've hired 20 people to date that have graduated from the program."
The company works closely with DTE, Consumers Energy, and the BetterBuildings for Michigan program, all helping to bring home energy efficiency and savings to Lansing area customers. 
Source: Cathy Burke, Dr. Energy Saver of Lansing   
Writer: Veronica Gracia-Wing, Innovation News
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