East Lansing couple creates Green Kitchenware store

Amy Bibbings was just looking for a way to dispose of her old, non-stick cookware in an environmentally friendly way. Not only was she unble to find a good resource for disposal, she couldn’t find a good source for information on how to replace it with a more sustainable kind of cookware. So she and her husband made one. 
“Right now it’s a place where you can buy new stuff. We’re trying to find responsible vendors who have some commitment to the environment,” says Jason Bibbings of the couple’s new online store, Green Kitchenware. “One of our expansion plans is to create a program where, if they purchase from us, we’ll handle the disposal of their current cookware.”
Green Kitchenware launched last week and currently employs Amy and Jason Bibbings. Their future plans include expanding into new area in environmental sustainability and create their own line of green cookware. 
“We’re trying to keep Michigan beautiful by eliminating some of the waste and garbage,” says Bibbings. “We have to preserve our environment because nobody is going to do it for us.” 
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