IDV Solutions continues to grow, increases hiring

When we last visited IDV Solutions, they had just announced a major partnership with Microsoft. The Lansing-based data visualization company continues to appeal to industry top dogs, recently signing with Yahoo!, Launching new versions of their flagship data visualization software, Visual Fusion, and updating their signature Visual Command Center product, - all this no doubt, helping to spur growth.
Director of Marketing, George Siegle says, “From a business perspective, we’ll be working hard to ensure that we continue to grow profitably. More and more organizations are embracing the data they already have. And Visual Fusion can help them analyze, understand, and take action on all their big data challenges. We’ll be evolving Visual Fusion to deliver on our customer’s expectations for the product – as a market leader for data visualization.”
In response to the growth, IDV is looking to fill several software development and internship positions. Newly hired Executive Vice President of Global Sales, Scott Sieracki, will lead the company to more growth, which includes growth in partnerships and sales team. While they don’t have a set goal of new hires, Siegle explains that IDV will definitely try to land candidates they like on the team.
About finding developers, Siegle says, “It’s turning out to be a bit challenging to find developers right now. Information Technology is definitely a bright spot for Lansing – between the web companies, other software development firms, and our insurance companies – Lansing has a big base of IT, but the flip side of that is that many of them are hiring too, and it’s very competitive to find developers.”
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