Ham Sweet Farm ventures into second year of meat CSA program

Kate Spinillo shines with the eternal optimism of a farmer.
For three years, Kate and Christian Spinillo have been hard at work building Ham Sweet Farm—a small, 30-acre farmstead in Williamston specializing in meat from animals that lived good lives.
"In the short time we've been on our property, we've taken back the land that was overgrown and covered in weeds," says Spinillo of the farm at 357 Holt Road. "It's amazing how much more area we have for raising our animals and growing."
Last year, the Spinillos launched a Community Supported Agriculture program for people interested in getting a diversity of meats each month. Ham Sweet Farm partners with Schneider Organic Beef and Grandpa's Best Pork to offer customers small, medium or large monthly packages that start at about 7 pounds of meat on up to 30. Packages are seasonal and may include selections of chicken, beef roast, ground beef, pork chops and pork sausage. Adds on include stock bits, bacon, rib eye and New York strip.
Ham Sweet Farm's CSA is slated to run from March to November, with signups beginning in February. Customers pay up front, and pick up meat each month. And since the program culminates in November, customers can select their own Thanksgiving turkey in the spring, and experience how the animal is being raised. It's a connection, Spinillo says, that's invaluable and represents one of the driving missions of the farm.
"If we can pinpoint one reason why we do what we do, that's it," says Spinillo. "We want to connect people with what they're eating, and to allow them to see how the animal lived. That's a connection that's really been lost and something we feel strongly about."
The Spinillos work with local processors that reflect their humane farming philosophy, including Munsell's Poultry Processing and Countryside Quality Meats. Last year, Ham Sweet Farm raised up to 250 animals including chickens, ducks, turkeys and pigs. Animals rout, roam, graze and feed in pastures and woods, living as natural a life as possible while also being offered protection and shelter from the elements and predators. Other animals and pets include goats and sheep, and a family dog.
"They're our farm ambassadors that greet our visitors," says Spinillo. "We love all our animals."
Source: Kate Spinillo, Co-owner, Ham Sweet Farm
Writer: Ann Kammerer, News Editor
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