Lansing 5:01's Summer Line-up Creates a Welcoming Community in The Capital City

One of the challenges Lansing faces is getting residents and students from surrounding areas to cross the border, so to speak, and sample life on the other side. Our side. After all, once someone discovers all the good things our city has to offer, they're more likely to come back, maybe even to put down roots. And that's what makes a city better - the people who live in it. So attracting and retaining talent is something the Capital area can always benefit from.

Which is where Lansing 5:01 comes in. The volunteer-based, non-profit organization aims to get people coming into Lansing from surrounding areas, and experiencing all the great things we have to offer. And how do they do that? Simple. They partner with local companies to put on four events every year that showcase the city of Lansing. And this year has been no exception.

Just ask Chris Sell, Director of Alumni and Entrepreneur Engagement at MSU, and founder of Lansing 5:01. "We've expanded exponentially since we started in 2016, with three events welcoming about 700 interns and young professionals. This summer, we’ve already welcomed over 2,000 people to our first three summer ’18 events."

Events like the "Rooftop Hop", which allowed attendees the chance to experience rooftop venues at four different buildings in downtown Lansing, while taking different methods of transportation to get around town, including a 300 ft zip line downtown! Other summer events include ‘Field Night’ at Lansing’s Cooley Law School Stadium, Bridge Fest, which is an arts and music festival under the Shiawassee Bridge, and a unique twist on the traditional 5K at the Ledges in Grand Ledge.

While the initial focus of Lansing 5:01 was to connect college interns living and working in the area, with the city and community, but the mission has expanded since then. "Over the last 1-2 years, we’ve grown to create programming that's inclusive of young or emerging professionals in our community – not just college students participating in internships." Sell explains. "We now coordinate events throughout the year, like Capital Comeback, which welcomes back former Michiganders and Lansing natives to downtown Lansing the night before Thanksgiving."

It's a win-win situation, and Sell is certain the impact on the city of Lansing can only be good for all of us. "We believe Lansing 5:01 showcases the best of Lansing to Lansing’s future. As more and more college students and young professionals learn about the wonderful amenities and quality of life opportunities offered here, more young people will choose to live and work in our community. This net gain of talented young people will positively impact all facets of our region."

Source: Chris Sell, Founder, Lansing 5:01
Writer: Sarah Hillman, News Editor

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