Injured MSU wrestler launches LynX Action Sports Apparel while in recovery

It’s impressive enough that Michigan State University student Collin Dozier, who attends the school on a wresting scholarship can already look back on herniating a disc in his neck so badly that it broke in 2011 and say, “Everything happens for a reason.”
More impressive still is that Dozier has good reason to believe it. After being in a neck brace and unable to attend class for months following the injury, he was able to keep up in school, rehabilitate himself back to 100 percent, and is now launching his own line of clothing with LynX Shreds, also called LynX Action Sports Apparel
“If I didn’t hurt myself I would have been wakeboarding in last summer,” says Dozier. “It’s almost been a blessing in disguise.”
Instead, the MSU student was busy building a business. He began with a concept developed by himself and some of his friends from his hometown of Virginia Beach who nicknamed their favorite wakeboarding area The Lynx. They made shirts, hats and stickers with a Lynx logo and sold them locally.
“Everybody wanted to know who we were,” says Dozier. “The name just stuck. When I came to MSU, I was still wearing my Lynx stuff and people liked it.”
Dozier has now designed and developed an entire line of sports apparel, including t-shirts, hats, dryfit workout shirts, as well as MMA gloves and shorts available online. Developing the business over the past year has given him the opportunity to partner with his father, a long-time businessman himself. 
Dozier has also received promotional help from his fellow student athletes, such as Draymond Green, Greg Jones, Kirk Cousins and Keith Nichol who help to promote the clothing line. 
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